Top Indian Payment Gateways

List of Top 10 Indian Payment Gateways Companies

If you intend to sell products online on your eCommerce website or app you need top Indian payment gateways to choose from.

A payment gateway account allows you to collect online payments from your customers.

Your payment gateway account allows you to accept payments from your customers via credit card, debit cards, net banking, EMI, cash cards, or other online payment options.

We have closely worked with several payment gateway providers and have to date facilitated payment gateway accounts integration for hundreds of our customers.

We regularly communicate with almost all payment gateway providers in India.

Therefore, we thought to write a brief review to cover the top Indian payment gateways provider for you.

Below are the key parameters for top Indian payment gateways.

1. The cost of a payment gateway

Most payment gateways require a one-time Setup fee (which ranges from 5000 to 50,000), and they also charge you a % of commission (TDR) on every transaction that happens on your e-commerce website (ranges from 0.9% to 3%).

In addition to TDR and set-up fee, few payment gateway providers also charge annual maintenance charges (AMC) which range from Rs. 1200/year to Rs. 3600/year.

2. Merchant Support and Service

Opening a Payment Gateway a/c is much the same as a bank a/c. Having a decent connection with the service provider is important.

Also, that is conceivable just if the service provider gives great support.

From guaranteeing minimum bother in opening the a/c to smooth operations later on; they ought to be pleasing and act sensibly with an understanding state of mind.

3. User-interface of Payment Page

This is the main substantial component of a payment gateway provider.

Also, Your clients need to collaborate with this page to make the payments to you. So before you sign-up with anybody, verify they have a decent & comfortable payment page.

4. Other Basic things

There are other essential basic things which despite the fact that is underestimated, ought to be cross-checked with the provider that you are considering.

For instance – Multiple Payment Options, Stringent Fraud Check Processes, High Uptime, Reliable organization/administration, Sandbox environment, integration API, support for your CMS, etc.

Advice: If you are planning to accept online payment on your eCommerce websites, you better start now (as it kakes at least 1 to 3 weeks for account approval).

Here is the list of the top 10 best indian payment gateway companies

We have simply rated them on the above four parameters (based out on our experience and little research):

1. RazorPay

Top Indian Payment Gateways
Razorpay Payment Gateway

RazorPay is a unicorn startup with a 1Bn $ valuation with 200Mn+$ Funding to date. They are serving 8,00,000+ businesses to solve the problem of online payments.

With RazorPay you can accept payments including credit card, debit card, netbanking, UPI and popular wallets.

RazorpayX is Business Banking built for disruptors. Bring effectiveness, efficiency, and excellence to all your financial processes with the best tech Razorpay has to offer, coupled with everything you could ask of your bank.

Razorpay’s business banking arm makes an end-to-end money movement easier.

With RazorPay you can manage your online marketplace, automate bank transfers, collect recurring payments, share invoices and avail yourself working capital loans.

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Setup Fee:Rs. 0
Annual Maintainence Charge:Rs. 0
TDR (%):2% to 3% per transaction
Our Overall Rating:10/10 Visit Website

2. PayuBiz

payubiz payment gateway
Payubiz Payment Gateway

PayuBiz has actually come up with some good features. Currently offering the lowest TDR in the market. Currently being used by biggies like Jabong, SnapDeal, BookMyShow, and Ferns and Petals.

Seems to be more customer-friendly than others 🙂

They have maintained their customer service levels, even as they have grown. The USP of this payment gateway is a good practice which they claim results in 12% better conversions.

Setup Fee:Rs. 4,900
Annual Maintenance Charge:Rs. 2,400
TDR (%):2.95% to 3.70% per transaction
Our Overall Rating:8/10 Visit Website

3. PayKun

paykun payment gateway
paykun payment gateway

PayKun is a payment gateway service provider that enables a secure transaction between eCommerce sellers and buyers.

With PayKun payment gateway account you can provide your customers variety of options to make payments including online payment modes such as net banking, all major Credit/Debit cards, UPIs, EMIs, Mobile Wallets etc.

Also, paykun is easy to integrate with your eCommerce website using integration kits for all major eCommerce platforms.

Any large, small, individual, trust, NGO, eCommerce, etc can easily register on PayKun website and start accepting online payments. The customers will get multiple payment options to make a payment on the PayKun checkout.

Setup Fee:Rs. 0
Annual Maintenance Charge:Rs. 0
TDR (%):1.75% to 3% per transaction
Our Overall Rating:8/10 Visit Website

4. CashFree

cashfree payment gateway
cashfree payment gateway

Like other payment gateway companies, Cashfree also provides the widest range of payment options e.g. credit cards, debit cards, net banking, wallets etc.

It also supports UPI, NEFT, IMPS, and Paypal. Payment gateway charges start from 1.75% per transaction.

Cashfree offers easy integrations with model window, redirect, iframe, and seamless checkout modes as per your site design and is easy to integrate.

Setup Fee:Rs. 0
Annual Maintenance Charge:Rs. 0
TDR (%):1.75% to 3.5% per transaction
Our Overall Rating:8/10 Visit Website

5. Instamojo

instamojo payment gateway

Instamojo is a successful Indian startup company in the payment gateway industry that has more than 1 million active customers.

This payment gateway has gained popularity because of its ease of use and extremely simple user interface and signup process.

Instamojo also offers 100+ payment modes including a recurring billing facility so that merchants can accept payment on a monthly basis.

Integration with website and mobile integration is also available. The best thing about Instamojo is, it takes no charge for NEFT/RTGS and bank transfers.

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Setup Fee:Rs. 0
Annual Maintenance Charge:Rs. 0
TDR (%):2% to 3% per transaction
Our Overall Rating:8/10 Visit Website

6. Atom Payments

atom payments
atomtech payment gateway

Atom payment gateway allows businesses and individuals to accept online payment in a user-friendly way with ease of use, speed & security over mobile, IVR as well as the internet.

We believe transactions should be a manageable and convenient process despite who does it and the process of it. It should be possible at any time of the day, and with the growth of advanced technology, power should be in your hands.

Atom has one of the most effective pricing in India. You can have a seamless transaction experience when you use Atom’s online payment gateway.

Atom’s integrated payment gateway system is your one-stop hub, for all your business payment requirements.

You can receive payment via Credit card, Debit card (Domestic & International), UPI, Net Banking, BharatQR, Wallets, Challans, Bank’s IMPS & RTGS etc.

Setup Fee:Rs. 10,000
Annual Maintenance Charge:Rs. 5,000
TDR (%):1.99% to 3.95% per transaction
Our Overall Rating:8/10 Visit Website

7. ZaakPay

zaakpay payment gateway

ZaakPay is an online payment gateway platform that helps you collect and process payments from your customers.

Its MobiKwik-promoted payment gateway aggregator, is being hived off as a wholly-owned subsidiary of One MobiKwik Systems, which owns MobiKwik wallet.

Zaakpay already serves major merchants such as Uber, Zomato, Domino’s, Instamojo and IRCTC among around 10,000 merchants for their card payments as its clients. The company plans to double the number of merchants this year.

Zaakpay is based out of New Delhi and Bangalore. They offer Webpay as a product to accept credit & debit card payments.

Regarding product & service, they are still at the foundation level. So there is a lot of new product that needs to be built bottoms up.

Setup Fee:Rs. 10,000
Annual Maintenance Charge:Rs. 5,000
TDR (%):2% per transaction
Our Overall Rating:6/10 Visit Website

8. EBS

EBS payment gateway

EBS is ISO 27001-2013 certified payment gateway for safety and process standards. It is the primary service provider that had attained the PCI DSS 3.0 standards of fulfillment.

Therefore, EBS is the most secure payment gateway in India.

EBS Supports domestic and international payments via credit card (including Visa, Master Card, American Express, JCB & Dinner cards), multiple currencies (11 major foreign languages including INR, USD, GBP, Euro, Arab Emirates Dinar, Qatari Rial, Omani Rial, Canadian Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar, Singapore Dollar, and Australian Dollar), e-commerce CMS Systems.

Setup Fee:Rs. 0
Annual Maintenance Charge:Rs. 1,200
TDR (%):2% to 3% per transaction
Our Overall Rating:6/10 Visit Website

9. EaseBuzz

Easebuzz payment gateway

Easebuzz is a software platform that allows businesses to have a payment gateway and value-added services.

Easebuzz offers services in handling complex payment problems like vendor payments, recurring payments, split payments, and multiple value-added services which help businesses to scale.

The entire onboarding process is online and only requires a few business documents. Comes with several unique features e.g. vendor payments, split payments, recurring payments for subscription-based business, application form (CMS) for collection of fees/bills/invoicing amount, and smart payment link solution.

They also offer payment API for all major web-based and mobile-based platforms.

Setup Fee:Rs. 0
Annual Maintenance Charge:Rs. 0
TDR (%):1.5% to 2% per transaction
Our Overall Rating:5/10 Visit Website

10. CCAvenue


CCAvenue is another payment gateway that provides a broad range of payment alternatives. CCAvenue is the worst in terms of support and payment settlement reason why its name is in quite a lower position on this list of top 10 payment gateways.

It is one of the oldest but least favorite payment gateways in India. The payment options include Credit Cards, debit cards etc. Also supports international payments in 27 major currencies.

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Setup Fee:Rs. 0
Annual Maintenance Charge:Rs. 1,200
TDR (%):2% to 4.99% per transaction
Our Overall Rating:1/10 Visit Website

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