CCAvenue Payment Gateway Review

ccavenue payment gateway

CCAvenue payment gateway review is a leading online payment processor in India. In this post, we are going to write detailed pros and cons for using CCAvenue as a payment gateway on your website.

About CCAvenue :

CCAvenue is one of the largest payment gateway providers, having thousands of merchants on board and active in South Asia’s and India offering multi-currency, multiple payment options online payment processing services.

As claimed by CCAvenue their solution is powered by proprietary technology that integrates transaction-processing, advance shopping cart, auction payment collection facility, fraud control, financial reporting, and order tracking.

CCAvenue is owned and operated by “Avenues India Pvt. Ltd” headquartered at “Level II, Plaza Asiad, S. V. Road, Santa Cruz (West), Mumbai – 400054, INDIA”

Contact CCAvenue :

+91 22 67425555 / 26000816 / 32913622 / 66920419
+91 22 67425542 / 26480772
Marketing :
Technical :
Account :
Cardholder/Risk :

CCAvenue Technology Overview:

CCAvenues uses JAVA technologies stacks as a backbone. As per claims they processes transactions of customers, around the world, 24 hours a day, from a simple browser and authorize these transactions in real time through multiple payments gateways and more than three dozen Direct Debit Banking interfaces.

Please be noted that CCAvenue is not a full fledged payment gateway, its actually a payment gateway processor, who facilitates the transactions via popular banking payment gateways such as SBI, CITIBank etc and works as a middle man between bank, customer & merchant.

All the transaction is processed using highly encrypted SSL protocol including PCI compliance and maintaining the Payment Card Industry’s highest security standards.

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CCAvenue Payment Options:

CCAvenue offers multiple online payment options, including:

  • All types of Credit Card processing through Multiple Banks and Card Associations
  • Debit Card
  • ATM cum Debit Card processing
  • Direct Debit to bank accounts of 30+ Indian Banks, 20+ Chinese Banks and 3 Singapore Banks
  • Mobile Payment Solutions via PayMate®, SBI Freedom
  • Cash Card Processing of ITZ Cash®, Done Card, OxiCash and NoQ24x7

CCAvenue Plans:

ccavenue payment gateway

We have an exclusive partnership with CCAvenue to offer the most discounted eCommerce payment gateway plans.

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How to get merchant account with CCAvenue:

If you are a customer of cluecommerce, our eCommerce experts help you set up everything. However, if you have your own eCommerce platform, please follow below steps:

Step 1: Website Setup

CCAvenue requires complete details about your business and company including a fully functional and live website. Also, you need to upload products/services you are actually going to offer via your website, in order to approve you for a merchant account.

So before you rush through the application process, make sure everything is in place.

Your site will need to include the below-mentioned pages for site approval:

  • About Us page – ie, who we are, what we do
  • Contact Us page – including phone, address, and email
  • Refund Policy – how you will handle returns and exchanges
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Products

You should start adding categories and products, make sure each product have description and pricing information
Once this information is complete on your website, go on to Apply for CCAvenue Payment Gateway Account (step 2).

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Step 2: Apply for CCAvenue Payment Gateway Account

You can register online at the CCAvenue website: Click Here to register.

On receipt of the registration, CCAvenue’s Internal Risk and Evaluation Team team will evaluate your application form and the information provided on your website, and they provide you with their feedback within 24 to 72 hours.

On completion of the evaluation process, CCAvenue will send you an approval email that will outline the list of documents required and include the CCAvenue legal agreement.

Advantages of using CCAvenue Payment Gateway:

One of the major advantages of using the CCAvenue payment gateway is that it supports multiple currencies. Which allows you to accept payments not only in INR but also in USD, EURO, etc.

However, there is a lot of wrong information exist on their website and it seems that they do not update their website frequently.

So, we suggest you talk to their sales executives before going for a multi-currency option. CCAvenue also seems to have the support for the largest number of banks and payment options.

It also supports EMI as payments from over 7 banks, 100+ debit cards, 53+ net banking, 4 cash cards, 4 mobile wallets, and 40+ bank’s IMPS.

Disadvantages of using CCAvenue Payment Gateway:

ccavenue payment gateway

One of the major disadvantages is that despite being the biggest in India (3rd party player) and powering around 60% of Indian eCommerce websites and even after completing 15 years now.

They offer the most terrible customer support to both merchants as well as customers. You can find thousands of complaints online regarding the same, few of them are as under :

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  1. Rishit Khandelwal says:

    CC Avenue a fraud company, please stay away from them. they cheaters are not making payments to us, not coming anyone on chat window, no one is replying to our mails, no one is reverting to our support tickets, are you shutting the company down? are you under financial crisis, Sent mails to your top management team but no revert from them as of now. Rishit

  2. Inbashree says:

    I feel tat the ccavenue is making money by fake online transaction they stealed my money through online and not ready to payback .The customer care never answered the calls if at all they answer they pretend as if the call is not clear no matter how much ever time u call from whichever place tat u call.