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Start Website Like Flipkart or Amazon

Ready-to-go multi vendor ecommerce script to allow any vendor to sell on your eCommerce platform. You as a marketplace operator can earn handsome commission on each sale or implement your own revenue model. Marketplace eCommerce business model is the most trusted business model

Multi Vendor eCommerce Features

Seller Dashboard

Multi-vendor dashboard login for each vendor to get to know about sales analytics and analyze sellers individual performance.

SEO Friendly

Modify meta values of pages for relevant queries, traffic & increase overall visibility. Also, integrate google webmaster, analytics and XML Sitemap.

Mobile Apps

Get ready made mobile commerce applications for your customers and allow convenient shopping experience anywhere anytime.

Vendor Vanity URL

Vendors can use their brand name or a keyword with high search volume as the URL of their store’s main page e.g.

Admin Panel

Take control of everything, live updates of all the happenings in your marketplace right from orders, sales setting, approvals & much more.

Multi-Currency, Multi-Lingual

Add multiple currency or languages and operate localized eCommerce business. Supports all major currencies and languages.

Flexible Commission

Create different commission structure like each sale, monthly, quarterly, annually or category wise commission structure and assign to vendors.


Automated emails and SMS to keep you, your customers, your vendors notified via Email and SMS Notifications on every order transactions.

SSL Certificate

Get SSL Certificate to boost credibility. Adds an additional layer of security to protect from hackers and get visitor confidence.

What You Get With ClueCommerce
Multi Vendor eCommerce CMS

Custom Designed Responsive Website

Get free custom designed website to stand your storefront (website) different from your competitors. Your multi-vendor site will be custom designed by our designers based on your inputs. Be remember that your customers may close your doors if your website looks copied or unprofessional. A custom designed website can take care of the needs and goals of your business and provide best user experience.

Facebook Store

As we all know with over 1.94 billion monthly active Facebook users, Facebook is growing rapidly. Not all of them are going to be your potential customer. But even if a micro fraction of that can make large difference and this can have a huge impact on your multi-vendor marketplace sales. If you don’t have your own Facebook store yet, you probably loosing tons of sales every month.

Mobile Apps (Android & IOs)

Get mobile apps for IOs & android with our multi-vendor marketplace solution. We believe that mobile commerce is not a different substance from eCommerce: rather, its a more particular sub-group of eCommerce transactions that includes the utilization of cellphones, rather than desktop, consumers are already spending more time on mobile. Reason-why it becomes a major sales channel for any new eCommerce business.

Amazon Cloud Hosting (AWS)

We use best & true DDoS protected cloud hosting infrastructure, powered by enterprise-grade SSD Drives. All of our servers are protected by the RioRey hardware which resides on the edge of our network. We have implemented 3 level security checks on Client Side and Server Side. The system is completely protected from hacking. No hacker can make changes in the website without your consent.

Free Payment Gateway

Get free Indian payment gateway with our multi-vendor eCommerce website plan with ZERO setup fee and lowest TDR possible. Payment gateway accounts is a service provided by an eCommerce application service provider that allows you to integrate online payments using credit / debit cards, net-banking or direct payment processing on e-commerce website. We are integrated and partnered with all leading gateways.

Free Logistics Support

Internet will be the future marketplace for your shopping needs, or at least a large portion of it. Delivering the product to your customer on time can be big challenge for eCommerce store owners. Online stores can use courier companies for delivering their product to customers. With ClueCommerce you gets seem-less eCommerce shipping experience, our logistics platform is integrated with leading couriers companies.

Multi-Currency & Multi-Lingual

You need to make sure that your website speaks language of your visitors and supports their local currencies. ClueCommerce offers you a true state-of-the-art platform to allow you to add any currency or language based on your requirement and allows your visitor or customers to switch to their local language and currency easily. This transformation helps you market your site globally and thus increases your sales many-fold.

Marketing Support

Marketing your eCommerce website is the most important aspect of running a successful multi-vendor eCommerce website. We offers several inbuilt and 3rd party features to help your marketing efforts and achieve your goals e.g. coupon codes, gift vouchers, store credit, reward points, affiliate program, bulk discounts, google analytics and merchant account integration and so on. Contact us for paid marketing campaigns.

Why Opt for White Label Multi Vendor eCommerce

Complete control of your marketplace

As a super admin you gets full control over your marketplace including vendors, orders, commissions, products & all. Also earns commission on each order without investing in inventory.

Freedom for your marketplace sellers

Your marketplace provides complete freedom and transparency to your vendors so they can register, submit products and start selling in almost no time. Vendors can also see basic reports related to their store.

Vast range of product for your customers

Your customers get rich product catalogue and most competitive pricing offered by multiple vendors. Multi-vendor site can feature multiple categories and products instead of a niche eCommerce site.

Strong foundation for a successful multi-vendor eCommerce Marketplace

Vendor Registration from Storefront

Your vendors can quickly and easily register from your website by filling up details related to their company, bank and tax details. Upon successful submission system will create unique vendor account for each vendor. Complete details of vendor company, address, login, bank details etc. captured in one go. You can review this information using your admin login panel.

Admin Approval Flow

All new product and edited products will be submitted to admin for final approval, without approval of admin (marketplace owner) nothing will be visible on the storefront. You as an administrator or owner of the marketplace has full authority to approve or reject the products uploaded by any vendor. Such approval flow ensures that no inappropriate product is uploaded or displayed on your marketplace.

Vendor Dashboard

Each vendor gets separate vendor dashboard which gives control in hands of your vendors. Using vendor dashboard your vendor can add, edit or remove products, manage their sales, create coupon codes, update orders, request payment, upload products in bulk using excel sheet, pull reports and update their profile. On a multi-vendor platform your vendor works as a business associate and help’s you grow your catalog and sales.

Product Management by Vendor

Vendors can easily manage their products by logging in to their vendor panel. Vendors can add new products, edit existing products or delete any products using an easy to use visual interface. Vendors can also manage their entire inventory using excel sheet via bulk import / export feature a single excel sheet allows them to upload new product or edit existing products including product variants, attributes, pricing, images etc.

Commission Setup

You as a admin can create different commission structure and define as separate plans for vendors depending on your requirement. You can use fixed or percentage wise commission, category wise commission, monthly early fee and combination of all the available rules. The system will automatically calculate commission amount based on the predefined rules in the plan.

Start a successful eCommerce marketplace business

We deliver a perfect solution to manage vendors, products, categories, orders, shipments, commissions and many more including vendor specific logins, while admin can manage them under his single interface & login.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about our Multi-Vendor eCommerce Platform

What Is Multi-Vendor eCommerce Website?
Every seller/vendor or merchant has a separate shop area inside your multi-vendor eCommerce platform. The platform owner only bothers with order processing, tracking and payments, and charge commission to vendors. Sometimes referred as eCommerce marketplace, multi vendor eCommerce websites shift the task of maintaining inventories, logistics, product descriptions, and updates to individual sellers by giving them a system to manage it all as per their convenience and goals.
How Multi-Vendor eCommerce Store Works?
Every seller/vendor or merchant has a separate shop area inside your multi-vendor eCommerce platform. The platform owner only bothers with order processing, tracking and payments.
Purpose Of Multi-Vendor Website?
Allow various merchants to sell on a single eCommerce system & eventually increase your vendor and customer base. Also, allows your end customers to shop verity of products under a single roof. Multi-Vendor E commerce business model is best, when implemented perfectly. Big players in India like Flipkart, Amazon & Snapdeal is using the same business model. But you can also find popular niche multi-vendor sites such as ETSY, Bonanza, Ruby Lane.
Why Not Use Open Source Platform?
Open source platforms come with their own concerns that can outnumber the cost benefits. We suggest that you opt for a custom developed & highly scale-able solution.
Benefits Of Multi-Vendor eCommerce Platform?
  • Sell vast range of products: The products sold on a multi vendor store are featured by a number of vendors. Any eCommerce store that provides a huge variety of products is bounce to easily generate traffic and sales.
  • It shifts half the headache: Taking care of logistics, inventories, product additions & upgrades, pricing and various other details that comes with running an online store require big team and efforts. Multi-vendor store shifts these necessary tasks to your marketplace sellers, because ultimately your sellers have to take care of these things.
  • Lesser expenses: As every seller will be managing his/her products on their own, you don’t need to hire people to do it. Your team can spend more time on answering customer’s queries, scaling and marketing. With an experienced small team, you can drastically bring down expenses.
  • No inventory: Warehousing and human resource related costs can break the back of any eCommerce startup. Starting a multi vendor store will solve this big startup crunch as sellers will take care of inventory related complications.

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