Build Backlinks for your eCommerce Site

build backlinks ecommerce site

Build backlinks for your eCommerce site if you are looking to drive traffic and grow your business.

The digital age has dawned upon us, and anything and everything that we require is spreading to the online sector.

Commerce too has made significant strides in this respect with e-commerce being a new phase.

Naturally, businesses found the need to spread their reach through to the e-commerce discipline to make sure that they can connect with their target audiences.

Build backlinks for your ecommerce site

An e-commerce website is the perfect reach magnet as more number of people are connecting to the internet every day.

This discussion now brings us to the point where the definition of a backlink is to be provided.

Backlinks are simply links from other sites that point to your site, and the act of getting links from other sites to the required site is called link-building (a primary SEO strategy).

Every online website must arrange for link-building in their weekly schedule if they want to keep/improve their position in the search engine results.

Starting an e-commerce website is not enough. You should build backlinks for your ecommerce site to operate the website smoothly and more efficiently.

The success of an e-commerce site is its ability to engage its target audience and make them invest in the various services offered by it.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the original method of backlink creation and the key to a successful connection with the consumers.

SEO helps a website to rank higher in search engine results and thereby delivers a steady stream of customer engagement and sales. Here we can discuss a few backlink building strategies.

Guest Posting:

An efficient and time-tested way of building backlinks is by guest posting in discussions where the product will be a topic under consideration.

Providing links to your website alone will not build trust amongst the users. Providing links to authority sites as well will give the users an opinion that it is not a profitable marketing strategy and that you are genuinely offering help.

Google also considers such posts with links authority websites as genuine and will not tag you as a spammer.

Use Link Tools:

Having a good idea about your competition is a good thing, but knowing their every move in back-links is even better.

Use link tools of sites such as ‘Open Site Explorer’ or ‘Majestic SEO’ to see where your rivals companies are getting their links from and copy these links to your site as well.

Make sure to update the content with original descriptions from your site. Such an approach helps in quickly building back-links.

Blogging / Influencers:

Using internet personalities and like-minded bloggers to sell messages on your site along with products. The above said can garner more attention and help in pushing your links to far-reaching audiences. Also, have your products reviewed by those users to get more back links to your e-commerce website. Though it is not an easy way to generate links, reviews will be provided by the fellow users; it enables the other visitors to the site to create a sense of trust. Thereby creating better back-links.

Info-graphics :

Develop an eye-catching website using info-graphics that are hassle free for the user to operate and understand. Info-graphics is a backlink paradise and is the latest in backlink development. It all about develops good visual content in your niche and promoting them via bloggers and influencers. Even though it is a tedious task, it assures that back-links produced from a larger audience.

Help Others:

Offer support to other websites that are below par on design and content quality and assure them of a better engagement once you’re done updating it. Providing better design and descriptions will boost their sales and more often than not, they will thank you for adding a link to your website from theirs. This is a win-win situation as now; a percentage of their customers are yours as well.


Getting back-links from original manufacturers of the products being sold on the website can add more strength to SEO and enable better turnout. It not only helps you garner more visitors but also enables the manufacturers to sell their products better. A backlink to major company websites only strengthens the position of your e-commerce website in the search engine results.

Contest and Giveaways

Hosting contests and free giveaways on prominent and attractive blogs will be of use. Once you approach a blogger and ask for the promotion of competition, you will be allowed to do so with the purchase of an ad space on their landing page. Make sure that people can enter the contest only by liking/following your website. If the blog on which you posted is big enough, other smaller blogs will latch on to your contest as well, thereby giving a wider reach and assured no of backlinks to your website.
If these methods are adopted and applied to the site under consideration, proper back-links can be generated, and positive results will be obtained.

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