15 Reasons Why You Need a Custom eCommerce Website

why you need a custom ecommerce website

If you are looking to start a successful e-commerce business, in this article we have outlined 15 reasons why you need a custom eCommerce website.

Do-it-yourself eCommerce solutions like Shopify and WooCommerce possess a range of benefits, but they are never going to match the needs of every eCommerce business.

You’ll have to decide on your own if the significant benefits of a custom eCommerce website satisfy your requirement which surpasses the ease of using a readymade SAAS e-commerce solution.

Here are Top 15 Benefits of Custom eCommerce Website

As you might already know or you are a survivor of high competition in the eCommerce market. In order to be successful, you need to stand out from the competition and offer a user-friendly and more importantly business-friendly eCommerce website.

So. let’s take a look on the 15 why you need a custom eCommerce website developed by a professional web development agency.

1) Mobile-friendly eCommerce site

You can acknowledge that how the people shop online is quickly changing. Now, online shoppers can post a review about any site and see other customer ratings using their smartphones.

Comparing the price of a product on different sites is just a Google search away and with search engines aiming to offer more relevant results.

Nowadays, a mobile-friendly eCommerce site is crucial to acquire customers who prefer to search using their mobile devices, Siri, or Google assistant.

15 Benefits of Custom eCommerce Website

A mobile responsive shopping website changes its layout based on the device screen size. The text and images change adapts automatically and column layouts use to change.

Using mobile responsive design technics you can show hide unnecessary images, columns, text, and literally anything to provide a clean layout to the end-user.

Furthermore, starting in April 2015, Google started ranking mobile-friendly websites in search results. This new algorithm of Google will also affect slow-loading mobile sites negatively.

Apart from mobile-friendliness, Google now also uses loading speed as a major metric for mobile search ranking.

2) Custom eCommerce storefront design

Nowadays customer experience is the most important aspect to grow your eCommerce business and search engines like Google also encourage search engine ranking of those websites having good user experience and opens up a new competitive nature for the businesses.

Your customers know about your competitors and they can easily open a new tab and shop from your competitors.

Having a custom storefront design gives you a competitive advantage and can reflect the essence of your company.

Custom eCommerce

Customers will always prefer a website having a better user experience and having a custom website you can customize to meet your customer’s needs and also can represent your brand.

A custom website will make sure your business stand’s out from your competitors.

Professional agencies e.g. ClueCommerce who know how to make an impressive eCommerce site that represents your company’s specific needs and branding.

3) Search engine ranking

If you are still not aware, SEO is an important aspect for the success of any eCommerce business and a major chunk of your organization’s internet marketing campaigns.

Essentially, e-commerce sites need SEO not just for sake of distinctness.

Custom eCommerce Website

Just imagine for a second that your eCommerce website is not getting any traffic from Google, Yahoo, or Bing search engines, how you can sustain it then?

In that case, you need to spend more and more money on paid advertisements and endorsements.

Online shoppers usually search before they land on any eCommerce site and you as an eCommerce business owner need robust SEO features built into your custom eCommerce platform to facilitate the search engines to crawl your site.

Also, search engines e.g. Google is a trusted source of traffic, which leads to higher conversion ratios for your eCommerce site.

4) Customer relation management

If you can integrate a full-fledged customer relationship management software (CRM) with your custom eCommerce website will automatically collect information related to orders, customers and much more.

Using CRM software you can manage customer relationships more efficiently and can offer suitable products or services to your customers. This will have a positive impact on sales conversion.

Custom eCommerce

It’s a no-brainer that strong customer relationships are essential for any business to survive in this competitive era. eCommerce businesses always have a diverse audience, sometimes a group of several customers and segmented data.

Having all the data here & there, It becomes very complex to pull the data you need, this is where a CRM software for eCommerce companies can be a business saver.

A CRM solution can assist you with managing the company’s interaction with existing and prospect customers. It’s a technology-based platform that becomes the backbone for all your customer-related functions.

5) Sell customizable products online

If you would like to provide shoppers with plenty of choices for customizing the goods they purchase, then you need to reflect this variety by taking advantage of a personalized eCommerce solutions.

One frequent use case is a T-shirt shop which lets your users personalize the dimensions, colors, fonts, and images on every T-shirt.

With a lot of distinct factors in play, each new customization adds an extra price, you might choose to charge another cost for every T-shirt.

Product customization allows you to raise the overall order value. As per recent research, consumers are willing to pay an additional 20% as compare to standard products.

Any pre-made eCommerce software will not have the ability to accommodate all of the above features in one solution.

Sophisticated orders such as these will demand a complicated custom eCommerce order management system to manage.

6) Custom shipping rules

Selling articles that are of a constant size and weight, without the particular factors required are one scenario, but the larger range of products that your eCommerce shop offers, the more varied your clients you need to streamline your shipping using custom features such as weight-based shipping charges, volumetric shipping charges, destination-based shipping charges and so on.

Benefits of Custom eCommerce Website

APIs help online retailers to gain more insight into their customers so they can offer them products tailored to their needs at exactly the right time.

This is partly possible thanks to the knowledge an API can give you.

A custom build eCommerce website can incorporate these customizations as per your business requirement and in the long run, it will be beneficial for your business.

7) Unique business requirements

Not every business is equal and probably yours has unique rules or directions. Each business needs something different to achieve their marketing and business goals.

For example, you are looking to start a grocery e-commerce website, in such case you need to incorporate features such as “location-based products” or “delivery slots” etc.

Benefits of Custom eCommerce Website

Your eCommerce platform can make or break your business before it even started. Your custom eCommerce solution can also make your work easier.

So, it’s better to figure out what is your requirement related to customer relationship management, accounting, tax management, and marketing software that you can integrate into what you’re doing once you launch.

8) Dropshipping / Multi-Vendor

One another strong reason for using custom eCommerce software is to allow other sellers to sell on your eCommerce platform.

Having more & more sellers can rapidly grow your catalog and thus increase your profit margins.

Benefits of Custom eCommerce Website

Forget about taking care of shipping, catalog, pricing updates and several other details that come with running an eCommerce store requires a lot of effort.

A multi-vendor marketplace store shifts these necessary jumbles to individual vendors. Because your marketplace vendors have to take care of their own inventory only.

Order fulfillment, warehousing, and human resources linked costs can crunch the back of any new eCommerce startup.

The incorporation of custom features related to a multi-seller store will be a win-win situation for your upcoming startup.

9) 3rd party API integration

The demand for 3rd party API integration with your eCommerce platform is really an important aspect which requires you to prefer a custom eCommerce website for your new venture.

APIs are slowly becoming key to the success of an e-commerce venture.

Custom eCommerce Website

APIs help eCommerce retailers to get detailed insight into their customers so they can offer them products tailored to their needs at precisely the right time.

This is partly possible thanks to the knowledge an API can give you.

APIs help customize the site content so it can be tailored to the needs of clients and visitors, making the e-commerce business more compliant.

Custom built eCommerce solution allows you to incorporate 3rd party APIs to leverage all possibilities.

10) You have particular needs

Some companies support only an age group of customers and also looking to make the checkout process as simple as possible, while others might love to make a feeling of personalization or friendliness.

Based on your target audience and the buying experience which you would like to offer, a personalized eCommerce website could possibly be the ideal method.

Custom eCommerce Website

Not all industries are similar, It’s likely that your business needs unique regulations or rules. For example, refrigeration can be an issue.

Perishable goods such as fruits, vegetables, meats, and dairy may need the expiry date. Also, your courier partner has also its own rules about prohibited items.

If you’re in an enterprise that sells products like those listed above, then using a custom eCommerce solution is a smart idea.

This will help you ensure that you comply with the industry rules or food safety standards as per your locality.

11) Custom reports

You might want to take a look at your last month’s sales report or specified period for compliance reasons.

Having the ability to pull such a report for some period is a point that not all ready eCommerce options have.

Custom eCommerce Website

Reporting and effective data are like of heart-beat of your eCommerce business, without data, and purchasing, marketing, design, etc. Without data whatever decisions you take are something shots in the dark.

Suppose the conversion rate is low on your e-commerce store, in that case, you need to understand how many visitors at least headed to the checkout page or what data they had entered.

Knowing such details you will be able to find out what’s letting your customers exit the checkout page and using this data you can optimize your sales funnel.

This is one example of how data can help you increase your sales.

A custom eCommerce website can help you implement the way you are looking to full your reports.

12) Payment gateway integration

Payment gateway integration can be viewed as a POS machine you can find in any physical store to accept credit card payments.

Similarly, you need to integrate a payment gateway on your eCommerce website in order to accept payment against customer orders.

This makes payment gateways an utterly essential for any eCommerce retails.

Custom eCommerce Website

When choosing a payment gateway, you need to make sure that your payment gateway ensures seamless and easy transactions for your customers and replies to quality standards and policies, and offers secure transactions, data security & fraud prevention.

A payment gateway is required to capture transactions between you and your buyers.

So, if you are looking to start an eCommerce website, you need to integrate a payment gateway for online payment processing.

This is the only way to accept payment through the Internet. A custom eCommerce website allows you to integrate your preferred payment gateway provider easily.

13) Robust security

You might have already heard about businesses being affected or targeted by hackers for information or data breaches or online companies getting hacked by bad guys, in order to protect your site from bad guys you need to implement adequate security measures.

Custom eCommerce Website

When your eCommerce application has no proper measures for web security and reliable data protection, it would ultimately at some point, lead to a ruined your companies reputation and financial loss.

This is the primary reason why it is crucial for every eCommerce business to take attention towards web security.

Actually, many corporations find that it is almost difficult to ensure robust security using a pre-built eCommerce solution, while they are managing your web hosting and hosting all your website files and database.

The benefit of having a custom eCommerce website just to your specifications is simply to make your eCommerce website more secure and manageable.

14) Custom web hosting environment

As you are already going to start your eCommerce business or perhaps planning to launch one in the near future.

It’s probably time to stop using your traditional shared hosting servers. Shared hosting is usually a ready solution for small websites, and users are allocated very minimal server resources.

Custom eCommerce Website

However, when you eCommerce business will grow, there is a chance that you’ll run into issues with your current hosting provider.

You can also try using Cloud Servers, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), or Dedicated hosting solutions, you have options to choose managed or unmanaged services with enhanced scalability and security features.

After all, the user experience is the most important thing and this is what brings in profits. Choosing a hosting provider that cares only about server uptime as you do is one of the best ways to keep your website up and running smoothly.

eCommerce shoppers always prefer fast-loading websites. As per research, internet users wait only 3 seconds on average for a website to load before they exit.

If your web hosting provider is dependable and works to deliver near 100% uptime, you’re less likely to lose potential customers and profits.

15) Because it works

If you are a large organization with technical requirements right from the beginning, then you should definitely choose a custom eCommerce website developed for your business instead of using a ready-made eCommerce or SAAS solutions.

You can start with a basic custom site and when your earning or client base grows, you can gradually add new features developed by your developers.

Custom eCommerce Website

In case you in situations like those mentioned above, for example, different shipping options or custom business requirement, and then you are going to be out of luck with just about any pre-built eCommerce solution.

The most essential topic to ask when choosing an eCommerce solution is “Is the platform is ready to scale as per your requirement?”

Is your site ready to handle common tasks like coupon codes, discount system, inventory management?”.

Now, the choice is yours, just a quick note that we at ClueCommerce offers custom eCommerce solution to meet your business requirement.

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