Best Gutenberg Blocks Plugins for WordPress

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What are the best Gutenberg blocks plugins for WordPress?

Below are the best fifty best Gutenberg blocks plugins for WordPress that offers lots of blocks and Gutenberg-related customization for your WordPress site.

Whether you are looking for Gutenberg blocks plugins to use on your site or planning on creating custom blocks, this article offers the best collection of Gutenberg blocks plugin you can use on your WP site.


For those who are not aware, the Gutenberg Editor is a new content editing experience in WordPress introduced in version 5.0, it’s now the default content editor for new installations of WordPress.

There are several Gutenberg blocks plugins available that enable you to create custom blocks for your Gutenberg editor. These plugins allow you to create any kind of content layout within the new editor.

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Here’s a list of the top 50 Best Gutenberg blocks plugin for WordPress that will help you create custom pages and blog posts layouts.

1) Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg

Brainstorm Force’s Gutenberg Blocks – Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg plugin is the best Gutenberg blocks plugin for WordPress, which provides advanced and powerful blocks that make building websites easier than ever.

UAG plugin comes with beautifully designed 20+ pre-built FREE starter sites built using Gutenberg. Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg comes from the same developers who developed the Astra theme reason why UAG is highly compatible with the Astra theme.

Ultimate Gutenberg Blocks

Several starter websites can be imported with one click. Easily customize them and build awesome websites in no time!

Price: FREE

2) Kadence Blocks

Kadence Blocks offers a great middle ground. It is easy to use and is clutter-free. Kadence Blocks is a simple, yet powerful page builder that provides all the necessary elements to create a block-based website.

Gutenberg blocks plugins are not easy to use and Gutenberg does not have all the features required to make a site work. Row layout blocks are the most important widget. This allows you to select from and modify a variety of page sections templates.

You also have the gallery, tab, accordion, and info box blocks. Kadence Blocks contains everything you need to start building a website.

Price: FREE & Pro

For pro, plans visit here

3) Gutenberg PublishPress Blocks

PublishPress blocks include everything you need for a professional website created using the WordPress block editor. Additional blocks include layout options and buttons, icons, images galleries, map templates, buttons, icons, buttons, buttons, icons, sliders, buttons, and accordions.

PublishPress blocks are the best WordPress content block. The “Content Display” block can be used to create blog layouts or lists of posts by a particular author. You can also use it to create complete newspaper frontpages.

Price: FREE

4) CoBlocks Gutenberg Blocks

CoBlocks is a great choice if page building is your main focus. This plugin has nearly 30 blocks that can be used to modify a page’s margins and padding. You can create entire pages using blocks. You can also customize responsive, dynamic grids and change every setting until your page is perfect.

CoBlocks can also be open-sourced and extensible. This means that developers, as well as other users, can contribute to the project. CoBlocks is the best collection of page-building WordPress blocks for the Gutenberg WordPress block editor.

CoBlocks provides a page-building experience that is truly Gutenberg-like, with additional blocks and real row and column construction. CoBlocks is lightweight and powerful. It adds functionality to WordPress’ editor without adding bloat.

This plugin is what you have been waiting for and will change the way you think about WordPress.

Price: FREE

5) Ultimate Blocks – Gutenberg Blocks

Ultimate Blocks is a Gutenberg blocks plugin for marketers and bloggers. Their goal is to make Gutenberg easier for you to create engaging and better content.

Ultimate Blocks plugin includes all the blocks necessary to create engaging and better content using Gutenberg editor. There are 18 blocks already, and there will be more!

Price: FREE

6) PostX – Gutenberg blocks for Post Grid

It is common to use a grid layout within the landing page. You can create stunning grid sections in seconds with complete control of these blocks.

PostX is a Gutenberg Post Block plugin that can be customized in many ways. Post grid blocks, Post listing blocks, Post slider blocks, News blocks, Magazine blocks, and Post carousels can all be created by anyone.

Price: $39/Year for 1 Site

7) Redux Framework

Our ever-growing collection of WordPress templates and blocks can supercharge Gutenberg’s editor. You can learn everything you need to create a website design in no time.

Are you worried that our templates might not be compatible with your theme? We’ve got you covered. You can easily override any theme with our custom page templates option. Are you missing a plugin that a template requires? We’ll help you install it all, right from your Gutenberg editor.

Do not waste time trying to create a template that you like. It is as easy as clicking a button and you can customize it to your liking.

Price: FREE

8) Gutentor – Gutenberg Blocks

Gutentor is a WordPress Page Builder Gutenberg Blocks collection that offers endless possibilities for designing a website. Gutentor allows you to create professional, elegant websites with the WordPress editor Gutenberg.

The Page Builder now offers advanced capabilities and graceful designs that you have never seen before. You can use any theme to create any design.

Gutentor is a lightweight WordPress plug-in. It is optimized for speed. For more optimization, external and internal CSS files are used for dynamic CSS.

Price: Free

9) Getwid – Gutenberg Blocks

Getwid is a collection of 40+ Gutenberg blocks. It greatly expands the existing core WordPress blocks library and 35+ pre-made block templates that can be used in the Block Editor.

Getwid ships with all of the blocks found in Gutenberg add-ons. Plus, Getwid offers a lot of unique blocks!

WordPress Blocks by Getwid are easy to style to match your theme using a Getwid Style Kit that we have created for you. This kit includes useful CSS classes and theme support snippets to simplify and speed up the development of themes made with Getwid or Gutenberg blocks.

Price: Free

10) Ghost Kit – Gutenberg Blocks

Ghost Kit is a powerful page-building tool for WordPress. Ghost Kip offers a wide range of Gutenberg Blocks and Templates as well as Extensions. This collection will give you more control over your content, just like popular page builders. You can start building pages by using pre-defined templates.

This blocks collection was created for our needs. It allows us to create multipurpose websites and themes. Ghost Kit is a professional collection with extensions and a responsive grid system. It will benefit you and help us as well.

Gutenberg is a good tool for simple websites. Ghost Kit, however, will provide the power you need. An enormous collection of extensions and blocks will make Ghost Kit your magic wand.

Price: Free

11) Gutenberg Blocks by Otter

Otter is a dynamic collection that includes page building blocks and templates to use with the WordPress block editor.

You can find all the page building blocks you need in this growing collection. You can combine the blocks with Otter and create stunning pages or posts with a simple design.

Otter is lightweight and enhances WordPress site construction without affecting site speed. Otter allows you to fully harness the power of the new WordPress era.

Otter can be used for everything, from personal blogs to international stores. Otter’s famed ease-of-use transforms blocks into beautiful layouts in mere seconds

Price: Free

12) Stackable – Gutenberg Blocks

Stackable is a vast collection of blocks that web designers will love. It’s a great tool for creating beautiful websites. You have over 20 options to choose from. Each element adds a different style to your pages.

A container block allows you to create beautiful full-screen layouts or a video popup that elegantly displays your footage. You can spice up your website’s design with widgets such as the feature, testimonial, and call-to-action blocks.

For those who prefer a more seamless integration between Gutenberg and this plugin, there’s a minimalistic Stackable theme.

Stackable is your trusted Gutenberg companion. Stackable is a lightweight, powerful and easy-to-use custom block that allows you to create dynamic websites. It also includes ready-made designs, UI Kits, global settings, advanced customization options, and global settings. All this while maintaining fast performance.

You can easily create professional websites that are unique using Gutenberg’s new page-building experience.

Price: Free & Pro

13) Qubely – Advanced Gutenberg Blocks

Qubely, a complete Gutenberg block toolkit that includes many custom blocks, predefined sections, and starter packs for creating beautiful web pages. It reduces the Gutenberg editor’s limitations and allows for unlimited design possibilities. Qubely is an easy-to-use Gutenberg plugin that allows you to customize and has advanced functionalities.

You can extend the WordPress Gutenberg editor by adding many custom blocks. You can take control of your website design by using Qubely’s out-of-the-box styling options. Design stunning web pages that are mobile-friendly.

Price: Free & Pro

14) Genesis Blocks

Genesis Blocks are a collection of page-building blocks for Gutenberg’s block editor. Genesis Blocks allows you to create pages quickly and launch any type of website you wish using the block editor.

The customizable Genesis Blocks plugin allows you to add a variety of site-building blocks that can be used to customize your pages, increase engagement, or get better results for your business. Genesis Blocks offers everything, from custom buttons to fully-designed pages sections and layouts via the Section & Layout blocks.

Genesis Blocks is an extension of the blocks and the content creation experience. It provides a collection of page sections as well as full-page layouts that can be used from the block editor.

Price: Free & Pro

15) Gutenberg Blocks – The Plus Addons

With The Plus Addons for Gutenberg, you are stepping into a new age of WordPress Block Editor, with the vision of making Gutenberg for WordPress infinite.

You get over 70+ dynamic blocks, 300+ prebuilt UI blocks, and sophisticated features like blog builder, woo builder, mega menu, filtered gallery, and more to supercharge your Gutenberg editor like never before.

However, not everything comes for free, they have both a free plan (with limited features) and a pro plan for a complete suite.

When you have The Plus Addons for Gutenberg, you may work on your perfect blog, create a sales-generating online store, or develop a website for your next big idea all with Gutenberg.

Create anything with only a few mouse clicks and have a complete no-code experience.

Price: Free & Pro

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