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How Does Mobile Apps Help In Fueling Sales ?

Mobile apps have opened an immense number of opportunities for all kinds of business. They have revolutionized the way the customers interact with the business units and brand. Right from calculating expenses to the processing of the credit cards, mobile apps have...

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10 Cost Effective Ways to Promote Your Website Offline

The sole aim of any website is to make its presence felt far and wide. In order to promote your brand, it is extremely important that you promote your website. With companies spending all their money on the domain name, web hosting, internet marketing etc, promoting...

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Best Open Source eCommerce Platform Reviewed

In this post, we will discuss Open Source eCommerce Platforms and learn about open source solutions. Open source software is free and when something is free it comes with a lot of confusing at the same time. After all, it brings up a lot of questions like: What does...

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5 Marketplaces to Sell Handicrafts Online In India

Do you wish to sell handicrafts online in India but don't know where to get started? Here is a complete list of marketplaces where your can sell your handicrafts online. Indian eCommerce is growing to be a billion dollar business by the end of 2016. So, what are your...

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