Use Instagram to Sell Online, 8 Effective Ways to Sell Online

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Use Instagram to Get Sales

If you have an online store, Instagram is a great place to showcase your products and promote your brand. Using Instagram is a very effective way to popularise your online store.  Here are 8 ways in which you can use Instagram to get sales for your online store.

  1. Upload loads of images and videos related to your Online Store

Take attractive images of the products you are willing to sell. Use a filter if required, but a no filter is often preferred the most by the viewers. You need to discover the filters which trigger more likes and comments. Instagram also allows you to post videos up to 15 seconds in length and you might just use this feature to promote your brand.

  1. Post images regularly, at the right time

When you are in the process of promoting something, you need to post regularly. Posting twice a day should be sufficient. You need to analyze the correct time which has and which has not worked for you in the past and accordingly decide the right time in the day to post a picture.

  1. Use hashtags

If you use the right hashtags in your photographs, it makes it easy for people to find your photographs. Hashtagging is essential on Instagram to engage a good number of audiences, reach new users and be discovered.
Search for the most popular, most searched hashtags which are related to your products. Also experiment and analyze your earlier used hashtags and see which of the ones attracted the most number of people.

  1. Connect posts to your website

When you post the images of your products, don’t forget to add its URL in the image description so that people can easily visit your website and place an order with just a click.

  1. Run Contests and Give Attractive Offers

Run lottery contests where there would be a lottery among the ones who comment on your post to win a prize. This process would engage a lot of people as nobody would not want to leave the chance of getting a free stuff.
Once you have engaged a decent number of people, start giving attractive offers on your products. You are sure to receive a lot of comments and attract a lot of customers as everyone has a soft corner for discounts!

  1. Attract your competitor’s followers

Engage your competitor’s followers by following, liking and commenting on their profile and they’ll definitely take out a minute to follow you back and look at your posts.
Also, try to reply to their comments as people enjoy getting a response and they might just promote or share the news of your brand.

  1. Share “Behind the scenes images “

People often have a keen interest to know how people work in your company and you should post pictures of the activities that are performed behind the scenes. Photographs of employees at work may work in this case.

  1. Sponsored posts

This option is not a free one like the above mentioned ones but can make an impact on your target audience. Find the top Instagram accounts with the relevant hashtags and if you see an email id on their profile, feel free to contact them for sponsored posts. You are charged according to their rates or the number of followers on their account for the promotion of your product on their accounts. This method can be useful and an effective one since your post gets to be viewed by a large number of people.
A Quick Wrap up
Although primarily, Instagram was introduced only for sharing photographs and small videos but today it has become a powerful marketing tool.

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