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Running a small business can be very hard for anyone. Because every small business has low funds, minor manpower and due to limited funds and resources, you don’t know what kind of situation you will have to face individually.  Therefore, lack of resources, less workforce and limited time for a single person can all be reasons of workload, and due to the working load defiantly it is very hard for any small business to survive.
Thankfully technology has made everything easy for us because several technology tools can assist you to manage your workload. By using those tools soon, you will be on your way to accomplish your business growth.So without wasting time, let’s have a look at 22 hot technology tools for small business. Though, from marketing to managing your business files, these tools are going to help you in your business growth.
So without wasting time, let’s have a look at 22 hot technology tools for small business. Though, from marketing to managing your business files, these tools are going to help you in your business growth.

Small Business Technology Tools

1) Zapier

Zapier is best and unique tool, which allows you to automate your tasks and move data between various apps you use every day. It connects almost every app that you use a very day like Gmail and Dropbox. Zapier is very easy to use just link your links on a few clicks and shared the data.
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2) Google Apps

Google Apps, this is the complete suite of cloud-based tools, email, words, excel, calendar, google drive, forms and vault everything you will find just in one place that will increase your productivity. Google has designed this tool thoroughly for workspace.

3) Skype

The important communication tool that you can use for a communication purpose. It allows you free international calls and messages without any charges just you need to connect your device to the internet. It also gives you an edge through video calling.

4) Join.me

It is another communication-based tool which you can use for screen sharing and video conferencing purpose. Join.me allow their users to arrange a meeting even they are out of the country because it provides complete meeting solutions.

5) EchoSign

If have a lot of office documents and you are tired of saving office documents in different cabinets. Then you must use EchiSign. It is very easy to use just upload your all documents for future review it will save you all files. It is the best tool to keep project records instead of wasting dollars on printing papers and ink.

6) Basecamp

This energetic tool will help you manage your all team just at one platform because it enables you to coordinate with your team easily. From deleting task to managing work and from organizing files to saving company assets, this tool will help you to keep everything on the right track.
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7) Trello

The easy to use and free productivity tool, Trello will not disappoint you to manage and monitor your team task. Just make an account and login with this tool. It is the particular tool that you can use to track your teamwork and their overall progress.

8) Social Media

According to recent studies, 94% of small business use at least one social media platform to grow their business. Another case-study by CNN revealed teenager’s like to spend 9 hours a day on different social media platforms which clearly indicates social media has tremendous marketing potential to get more client. So, there is no two opinion in this to ignore social media platforms. Social media platform like Facebook can help you a lot to make your small business a big brand. It can give help a to get a lot of customers. So it will be wrong for your business if you do ignore social media.

9) HotSuite

As I mentioned above social media is has enormous power to grow a small business. But managing different social media accounts at one place is difficult for everyone. So, here is the HotSuite that can assist you to manage all social media accounts just at one apartment. Additionally, it suggests you along with Geosearch option about the best-targeted areas social media marketing as well as it also suggests you about the best content.
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10) Buffer

The globally renowned tool that helps small business owners to schedule their social media campaigns. It is an easy way to manage your all social media content because you can plan your whole day campaigns as per your strategic time.

11) LinkedIn

Many small businesses face the challenges to hiring best employees, but LinkedIn has made it easy for recruiters to hire best professional in any department. If you don’t have an account on LinkedIn, then you must sign in here to hire best people. You don’t need to make a Human Resource Department and outsource any recruitment agency to hire people for your small business. You can all do by yourself with the little bit search. Because it is the platform for the professionals where you find every professional related to every field. You can also use the LinkedIn to increase your online presence.

12) WordPress

WordPress is the right platform for you to make a professional website/portfolio for your business. It does not require any coding skills, and you no need to worried about making a website because WordPress is always there to help you. Many of the big companies also use this platform to make their online business presence. It easy and free platform. Although there will be some restrictions, it has all that is a requirement of every small business because there are millions of plugin available that will solve your every problem. Here are the six best blogging platforms that you can also use to make a blog/website.

13) Wix

Wix is another best option to make a professional website for your small business. It is a robust technology tool for small business owners like a WordPress with millions of customizable templates.
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14) SEO

Have you made the website then SEO is an essential tool to increase your online presence just like social media?  It also has enormous potential to get more client because according to one study 93% online experiences start with the search engine and 77% people like to read online reviews before buying something. It means if your forthcoming want to buy something he/she will use Google and other different search engines. So you should not ignore SEO for your business growth because it can give your business leverage. If you don’t have any knowledge about Search Engine Optimisation, you can read the complete beginner guide to SEO by Moz team.

15) ConveritKit

ConvertKit is the email automation tool that most successful businesses use to grow their brands. With this fantastic automation tool, you can quickly know what their customer wants, and readers want and in what things they are interested in.

16) MailChimp

Like ConverKit, Mailchimp is the very popular email marketing tool to promote your small business through email. You can design your email camping by using its drag and tool option. You can sell more stuff if you use this email marketing tool. With its 15 million mailchimp.com customer you can also be a one to promote your small business.

17) YouTube

Video marketing is the hot option for any small business promotion. Therefore, We all know about the renowned platform that is YouTube. It is the excellent platform that you can use for your global business development. It can also help you to grow your website traffic. There is another option you can also make money with its monetization option.

18) Camtasia

Well, video sharing is another thing. Firstly you need to make a professional looking video with cool animations. To help you in editing, Camtasia is always available to edit your promotional video with professional looks. You don’t have required any video editing experience. With the drag and drop editing option, you can quickly make a video. It offers both free and premium version.

19) Quickbook

Now moving forward to your small business financial management, Quickbooks is the best option to manage all finance related stuff.  It is the comprehensive cloud-based tool which you can use to manage company expense, preparing for tax, business invoices and receiving online payments. QuickBook has 4.8 million customers globally.

20) Xero

It is the accounting based software that is the alternative of QucikBook. It offers several options for small business owners including online accounting, invoicing, Payrolls, Inventory, payments, reporting with many other options.

21) Odesk

We all know small businesses have a small team and limited resources and we understand that with the limited source and team we can relate to anything. So in that case, you can sign up at Odesk where you can outsource your work and also get the services that you want. You will find almost every service at this platform such as, SEO, Designing, Web development, content writers, Php developer and many other services that can help you to manage your projects.

22) Fiverr

Fiverr is almost similar with OdesK. You can hire many people at this platform that can assist you in your work by outsourcing task. But if you don’t have any knowledge about any particular job you can also hire someone from this platform. You can find many services provider at Fiverr just like Odesk.

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