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Pay per Click Advertising will interest you if you wish to dominate search engine results for particular keywords. Businesses like you can get distinguished presence on search engines and search networks, and increased chances of relevant traffic making the PPC concept more luring. However, running a successful PPC campaign is not at all easy. It requires relevant expertise, experience, marketing knowledge and a lot of time. ClueCommerce with its vast experience and a team of experts marketers and advertising experts help small, medium and large corporates in making the most of their investment.

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Benefits of PPC marketing

PPC allows you to start getting customers in seconds from the time a customer sees your advert to actually clicking and landing on your website.
  • Helps in instantly reaching online users searching for related services.
  • PPC gives you immediate results unlike SEO which is a long struggle.
  • Freedom to run language or region specific campaigns.
  • Target specific geographic locations, age, segment etc.
  • Allows you to target all devices separately.
  • If managed well, it's 100% value for money.
  • No minimum investment or deposit required at all.
  • You can re-target visitors who have browsed your website before but did not convert
  • It helps in online reputation management as well by displaying Ads on multiple sites.
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Around 30% of the online searchers on google will click on paid ads. We assure you enough traffic through your AdWords account, but to get a better conversion rate, you need to best utilize the traffic being generated. We offer a range of optional services that will help you convert your visitors into customers.

Optimization of existing Landing Pages

A paid ad can drive traffic, but your website has to then take the accessibility and user interface. If you want your AdWords account to perform well and your keywords to have a high quality score, you need to have optimized landing pages. Your landing pages should be optimized for relevant keywords and the conversion route should also be well in place.

A/B testing of PPC-only landing pages:

Our conversion experts can help you build multiple landing pages and test which one works best for you. This will help you find the most converting copy of your website, call to actions and conversion forms.
Conversion Rate Optimization service has a direct impact on your PPC results, so be proactive to choose the best page for your campaigns.

Targeted Ads for Mobile Users

80% of the conversions triggered by mobile devices occur within 5 hours. With the introduction of Enhanced Campaigns, it is easier to manage ads for mobile devices. Still you need to have separate ads and a different bidding strategy and maybe dedicated, mobile friendly landing pages to target these visitors. Mobile advertising has the capability of generating 25% more ads and 100% more conversions.

Visitor Re-Targeting

Re-targeting (also known as re-marketing) helps you get bounced visitors after they exit your website. This is a cookie based technology that helps you target those visitors who had visited your business website and have shown prior interest. It could be in the form of search re-targeting or email re-targeting. Effective re-targeting can boost conversion by at least 40% if the right message is communicated to the prospective buyers at every step by using the right methods.

Product Listing Ads

PLAs are reported to have a 25% higher click-through-rate than text ads on search engines like Google, especially for e-commerce websites. They have high visibility and allow easy price comparison, allowing your customers to compare and buy directly from the search query. They can also generate a lot of irrelevant traffic by being displayed for irrelevant searches, so need special expertise and strict monitoring.

Adverts on Popular Social Media:

ClueCommerce can also help you advertise on social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Results can be seen instantly with social media advertising too. Particularly useful to announce events and product launches, a social media ad can result in a large swell of website visitors, “likes”, followers and leads, all within a few hours..

ROI Analysis

Thinks cannot be measured is something impossible to manage. After spending your resources on Pay-Per-Clck campaigns, you should have a clear idea about the returns. We can help you keep track of cost per acquisition, and ways to track your visitors, especially repeated visitors, which will not be directly reflected in your AdWords account.


Why Not Do it Myself and Save Money?

PPC marketers comes with its own complexities like keyword research, exhaustive competitor analysis, campaign planning, tracking campaign, location wise bid adjustments, and various other adjustments. Running a successful PPC campaign needs time, undivided attention and informed decisions. A businessman can very well do all of it on his own but chances are that by the time lessons from PPC mistakes will be learnt, lot of money and business leads will be lost. Due to the same reason, small businesses trust PPC agencies to handle their online advertising campaign. What cannot be measured is almost impossible to manage. After spending your resources on PPC campaigns, you should have a clear idea about the returns. We can help you keep track of cost per acquisition, and ways to track your visitors, especially repeat visitors, which will not be directly reflected in your AdWords account.
Many business owners will create a Google AdWords and easily deploy a campaign and quickly blow through the budget and have nothing to get for it. It takes a great deal of experience and understanding of how PPC works in order to properly set up and manage a campaign.

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