Mobile Application Innovation

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Our Mobile App Development Approach

Design, develop, test, deploy, manage and analyze cross-platform, web, native and hybrid mobile applications with our mobile app development approaches which include.

Native App Development

Mobile application developed for specific platform such as iOS, Android or Windows, using their best suited development enviornement and languages. These apps will work only on the platform it has been developed for.

  • Objective C and Swift for iOS
  • Java for Android

Cross-platform (Multiplatform)

This approach save your development and maintenance costs as cross-platform apps are developed and optimized for multiple platforms using native containers. We develop these apps using:

  • Using Xamarin
  • Using Phonegap

Hybrid Applications

Hybrid apps are useful for simple or complex web applications or websites developed with HTML5 & jQuery and then converted into a mobile application. We develop these apps using:

  • HTML5, CSS3
  • jQuery Mobile

Our Mobile App Development Process

We believe proper planning is the best way to deliver evergreen app. We at ClueCommerce utilize a lean approach to mobile app development, taking an idea from scratch from the drawing board to a successful product delivery.

Listen to Ideas

You share your idea & we will come up with a unique selling proposition to help you stand out from the rest.


Work with our highly creative design team to create outstanding designs with latest UI and UX trends.


Our app development team will ensure the entire development process takes place on timely basis.

Quality Analysis

We check compatibility, graphics, navigation, user interface, user experience and overall quality.


We are with you at every stage to get your app published, so you can start monetizing on your product!

Measure and Optimize

We will help you improve and update your app based on rankings, in-app user data and feedback.

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Few of our Recent Mobile App Projects

Our clients helps us build awesome apps


The PhotoGurus app allows users to get stunning, custom designed photo stories of all their important and memorable photo events. It allows them to just upload photos without sorting, organizing or editing, all through a mobile app. This app is a medium to fetch photos from end users.

play store play store

Becoming Your Best

The app is an answer to most of your worries. It is a tool to bring a sense of peace, happiness and accomplishment. With minimal stress, productivity is bound of increase having a better control of your life.

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