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Welcome to Cluecommerce! We’re an online design agency that specializes in logo design, website design, and business branding. Our entire mission is to make your business look great everywhere. That means giving you custom logo design that’s affordable, fast, and hassle-free.

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Logo is more than just a graphic or image that will exist in every single page of your website. It is one of the most critical parts of branding and something you will be identified with in the long run. Hence, it makes sense to make the perfect impression with logo. This is only possible by investing in custom logo design service from logo design experts. Before undertaking logo work, ClueCommerce designers gain a clear idea about business objectives, industry, target audience, competitors, and related factors.

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5,000One Time
  • 2 Unique Concepts
  • 2 Rounds of revision
    on any 1 selected concept


8,000One Time
  • 4 Unique Concepts
  • 2 Rounds of revision
    on any 2 selected concepts


14,000One Time
  • 5 Unique Concepts
  • 10 Rounds of revision
    on any 2 selected concepts

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Why I need a Custom Logo ?

Many studies show that people are more responsive to visual images than text. As per the human brain its easier to recall a complex image as compared to a long sentence, for example. Your logo has to incorporate all of the feelings and elements of your business and convey your message in brief. Designing a great logo can be a time consuming process. Don’t let this discourage you. If anything, it should reinforce how important your logo design is. A great logo incorporates almost all the elements of your business in a single image. It must be unique but more importantly memorable, professional but not without any character. Your logo also needs to scale to different sizes, work on prints, the Web and on merchandise. It must be flexible but consistent, and this take work to achieve. Your logo is the face of your business, It has the power to summon a range of emotion and ideas from anyone that sees it. It must incorporates your company and your goals creatively. Remember that your logo is yours, and it’s your job to own it and deliver the message that you hope to. A great logo represents your company directly to your target audience. While the best logos can be understood by all without much confusion, the most important audience is your target market. If your business specializes in products for youth, but your logo looks like it was pulled from a 1950’s newspaper, you might be focusing on the wrong group.