Importance of SSL Certificate for your eCommerce Website

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SSL certificate or ‘Secure Sockets Layer’ is a cryptographic technique that enables the creation of a secure pathway between the website visitor and the eCommerce platform.
A symmetric key is used to establish an encrypted connection between the client and the server. The connection ensures that the sensitive information remains protected while processing requests on the web. SSL certification is required to maintain such security measures. The easiest way to identify whether a site offers SSL is to check whether the website URL has ‘https’ at the beginning where ‘s’ stands for secure.
1) In eCommerce sites, SSL certificate is critical as they have to handle online payment for the various products available for sale. Information security is the key reason for SSL certificate inclusion in e-commerce websites, as consumers are required to fill in their credentials before purchase of products/services.
2) SSL certificate also helps in building trust amongst the users. Online users tend to prefer websites that have an SSL certificate and is more likely to reject any e-commerce site on which they had experienced a breach of data or credit card details. SSL encryption will protect against any of these breaches.
3) Protection against hackers and phishing attacks are needed as they could easily steal major credit card or bank details and make unauthorized withdrawals and payment thereby cheating customers and tarnishing the name of your e-commerce website. SSL security certificate is like an insurance policy against such online attacks as the encryption offered by the certification is not easy to overhaul.
3) eCommerce websites that look to wants to store the credentials of customers will require an SSL certificate. Most online shopping sites will require the user to create a profile on the site, either by entering their credentials manually or just connecting via social platforms like Facebook or Google+. So an SSL certificate is important for your website if you want your customers to stay and share their details with you.
4) Google has recently announced that a positive weight for SSL secured sites will be provided in their organic search results. This means that having an SSL certificate can increase engagement and boost sales by ensuring higher ranks in search results.
5) An online e-commerce website needs to accept online orders and credit cards, have offices that share confidential information over an intranet and also have business partners who log in to access patented information on an extranet all of which are satisfied by SSL security certificate.
6) Also, e-commerce sites are required by law to comply with privacy and safety requirements. People value their privacy and will expect safety in whatever advances they make. These certificates make sure of these factors.
So the end word is that SSL certificate will provide a greater scope for e-commerce stores and enhances the trust value of the same.

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