How to Start Online Pharmacy Store in India

how to start online pharmacy store in india

Looking to Start Online Pharmacy Store in India? The idea, of Starting Online Pharmacy Store in India, is fascinating but do you have chemist background, or you can hire a chemist for full time? If yes, then you can start and online pharmacy store in India quickly.

In recent days demand of online stores in India have increased due to growing internet user base and eCommerce in India. Without any doubts, online pharmacy business can be very profitable in India now. In this article, we have tried to cover each and every aspect to help you start a successful online pharmacy store in India.
Start Online Pharmacy StoreE-commerce has touched lives of 10 millions of humans to such a volume that it money owed for $14 trillion annual sales globally. It’s far expected that e-commerce is growing 10% annually and with this tremendous growth, we’re discovering new commercial enterprise fashions quite frequently.

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Law Related to Online Pharmacy In India

Online pharmacy requires legal compliance at first. This is so because the online pharmacy stores must comply with the legal issues in eCommerce in India besides complying with laws about the sell of scheduled drugs in India. Online pharmacy laws in India are still in an initial stage, and there are no devoted online drug store laws in India. The Information Technology Act 2000 administers a portion of the legitimate issues relating to online dealings, yet it is quiet on the part of an online drug store.

Start Online Pharmacy Store

Thus, illegal online drug stores have been expanding in India. If govt. Will properly regulate this sector, Online pharmacies in India could be beneficial for various stakeholders. To open online pharmacy store in India, make sure you can fulfill followings:

  • A registered Chemist/pharmacist on board.
  • Valid prescriptions for accepting orders.
  • All bills are signed aid of registered Chemist/Pharmacist.
  • A registered pharmacist is supervising outgoing medicinal drug orders.
  • And, most significantly drugs ought to be sent from chemist store with a retail license.

The Opportunity: Online Pharmacy Business

Online pharmacy business offers the unique possibility for entrepreneurs to tap into the $30 billion corporate sectors, which is expected to grow and end up a $55 billion industry with 12 months 2020. Opening an online pharmacy is hard due to legal guidelines associated with it. For instance, in India, it comes with its set of challenges and requires one to understand about acts for selling prescribed drugs online.

Online Pharmacy, Business model

The e-commerce business model of pharmacy shop revolves around making the life of buyers easier with the help of saving time.  A person has to attend in queues to buy drugs. An online pharmacy store offers extraordinary drugs/pills based on the prescription furnished to the user by a registered medical practitioner.

Start Online Pharmacy Store

Revenue Model of Online Pharmacy Store

  • Classified ads: online Classified ads displayed in diverse forms on pharma internet site are a huge supply of Income to such shops. Usually, manufacturers promoting medical materials, blogs primarily based on drugs tried and got traffic from these systems and placed an ad. Commercials may be displayed on saving, email newsletter, and greater. The owner can provide custom plans for advertisers, over the counter do no longer desire to enrol for advertisement networks like Google AdSense.
  • Sponsored List: There may be a fashion of including a featured phase to show Sponsored consequences from pharmaceutical organisations. The Backed consequences can be listed on each, homepage and search results.
  • Earnings Margin: shop proprietor can purchase drug treatments in bulk from pharmaceutical businesses and preserve margin between MRP and selling rate. Margin can also be earned between the rate charged by way of medical practitioners and over-the-counter overo ver the counter session price charged over-the-counter.

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Existing Players in Online Pharmacy

  1. Owned by Dadha and Company a drug stores chain, with more than 100 years’ involvement in administering quality prescriptions. helps you take care of your wellbeing quickly and also deal with friends and family wherever they may live in India. You can purchase and send pharmaceuticals from any corner of the nation – with only a couple of clicks. At, netmeds offers the extensive variety of physician recommended drugs and other wellbeing items advantageously accessible the whole way across India.
  2. Another chain of physical stores, you can buy the items you frequently purchase from their stores from the comfort of home and lift them up from a MedPlus store close you. To begin shopping, mainly scan for the items you wish to purchase, pick the amount and put in the request. All requests are filled inside 6 hrs amid the consistent business hours and on the following day for night or end of the week orders. At, you can likewise view or take prints of all your past MedPlus bills, and helpfully reorder the items you purchased before. Despite how you shop at MedPlus, be guaranteed that we will keep on offering you high calibre and bona fide articles, put away and took care of in ideal conditions at appealing rebates. MedPlus has dependably been and keeps on being your one-stop search for every one of your meds and general item needs, now with the additional comfort of shopping from home at the snap of a catch.
  3. 1mg is another online pharmacy store started by IITNs, offering medicines, consultation, health products & doctors directory. 1mg delivery products to more than 273 cite’s in India. 1mg also educates about medicines to you that you give your loved ones. Buying drugs may require you to try five medical stores which are miles apart. 1mg want you to be able to do it with a click. 1mg also suggest same composition medicines as prescribed by your doctor, which can be considerably cheaper.
  4. Its one-of-its-kind online drug store in India. Operated by a team of minding individuals and need to make medicinal services open to all. They offer you to experience straightforwardness and accommodation in online purchases of physician-recommended medicine and other therapeutic services items at marked down costs. EasyMedico is India’s trusted online therapeutic store serving more than 500000 fulfilled clients since 2012. EasyMedico is more than an online drug store organise that gives you a chance to encounter the brand in its retail drug store stores, and that administers to individuals subsequently offers an entire wellbeing administration entry where you can spare every one of your remedies and lab reports. We comprehend your well-being needs and need to help you with a one-stop answer for excellent restorative care at reasonable cost.
  5. As claimed by them, they are first Online Pharmacy store in India. It began its service in March 2014 and right now has Cash on Delivery Services in more than 3500 pin codes spread over all the real urban communities and towns in India. They also accept online payment through Netbanking, Debit Cards, Credit Cards and PAYTM wallet. Medidart is the primary Online Pharmacy in India where clients can purchase physician recommended medicines by uploading prescription. Medidart have 1.6 lakh Registered clients and effectively conveyed prescriptions in more than 2000 pin codes pan India. Medidart is upheld by Management group with more than 100 years of consolidated involvement in Pharmaceutical Industry covering retail, dissemination, innovation and showcasing mastery.

We can help you build a custom online pharmacy store with a mobile application to meet your business requirement.

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