Simple eCommerce Store Management

Management of an eCommerce store is more about analyzing lots of information. The store management of an eCommerce store involves the use of store administration which is usually on the web. Administration system allows you to perform day-to-day activities easily.
Easy eCommerce Website Management

eCommerce Store Manager with Everything you Need.

Our eCommerce store management tool is easy to use. Our platform can reduce your time being wasted in struggling with sluggish technology and reduce your overhead cost because you don’t need to hire another person to manage. ClueCommerce offers powerful store management (administrator) to manage your eCommerce business easily.

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Order on Phone

Add new orders directly from your admin panel. You can edit or add orders manually to add new information such as a gift-voucher, or add reward points, while you are on call.

Email Newsletter

Send newsletters on specials, or to communicate any type of information to your customers. Email marketing is the cheapest way of marketing & its all integrated.

User Management

You may assign different permissions to specific people on your team. The User section lets you customize which users can access or modify what ?

Custom Order Status

Customer can access their orders from store-front to know the status. You can create custom order status and update the order accordingly.

SEO Management

SEO for information, category, manufacturer and product pages. SEO is essential to drive organic traffic from search engines to your store-front.

Manage Brands

Add and manage all brand in which you deal. Assign associate brand to a particular product and allow your visitors to show by brand.

Enable / Disable Products

Enable / Disable products from admin panel and control visibility on the storefront. Disable products from being visible store-front.

Know Your Customers

Manage detailed customer information like their name, email ID, mobile, order history along with IP address. You can also categorize and create customer groups.

Customer Groups

Create end number of customer groups based on your requirement and add individual customers to group. Use these groups to offer special offers.

Enhance Store Functionality

Combination of various in-house and third party integrations to add that enhance your store functions with support of 3rd party apps.

Detailed Insights

Get real-time reports and statistics for products, orders, payment, online visitors, etc. so that you spend time on planning how to increase sales.

Integrate Google Analytics

You can integrate Google Analytics or any 3rd party analytics to review online campaigns by tracking landing page quality and conversions.

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