Android and iOS App for eCommerce Store

Biggest advantage of having a mobile application for your eCommerce business is that it provides an easy 24×7 access to your customers. Simply the fact that more and more people now own smartphones and tablets and connect to the Internet using these devices.

Mobile Internet is Everywhere, Wherever You Go !

For some businesses 20% of sales are through their Facebook store.


More than 30% Traffic on your eCommerce store comes from mobile devices


Visitors leaves because of messy & un-optimized checkout experience on mobile.


Sales via mobile is increased by 100% in last couple of years, compared to same in 2019

Get eCommerce Mobile Applications

Why Mobile Commerce?

eCommerce industry is booming in India, and mCommerce is following its lead. Don’t your realize that mobile commerce is developing at a significant rate. Given the rapid growth of number of smartphone and tablet sales every year, this is reasonable. Yet there are still a considerable measure of eCommerce retailers that haven’t been staying aware of the times are as yet serving up un-optimized websites to mobile visitors that can undoubtedly push potentials customers away.

Mobile Internet is affordable

Wherever you go you have high-speed internet devices

  • The share of mobile access to web pages has risen drastically
  • In 2013, 200 million tablets were sold all over the world.
  • 51 million smartphone users in urban India today.
  • India sells 3.11 million Tablets in 2012
  • 27 million Smartphone Users in Urban India
  • 43% of e-buyers all over the world shop on smartphones.

Mobile App for eCommerce

Having a mobile website is non-negotiable requirement, there’s no question about it. But having said that, there are always opportunities to differentiate one’s brand with the competition and perhaps engage and retain current customers using native applications. The native mobile app will provide a mobile centric experience to your customers. Native apps are installed through an application store (such as Google Play or Apple’s App Store). They are developed specifically for one platform, and can take full advantage of all the device features

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