eCommerce Inventory Management

Our eCommerce inventory management software have all the features require to make it useful and efficient to run your online business. If you are selling shirt has four different color/sizes then the online inventory management software must be able to create different variety of the same product.
Inventory management for ecommerce

Built-in, Simple and Powerful Inventory Management

eCommerce inventory management software must have all the features require to make it useful to run your eCommerce business. ClueCommerce allows you to add variation of single product in most effective way. For example, if you are selling T-shirt has four different colors then the online inventory management software must have option to create different variations of that single product.

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Easy Inventory Management
keep your stock data up-to-date without any hassles.

Low Inventory Alerts

Low product inventory alerts let you know what’s in demand so that you can take immediate action without wasting time.

Quantity Based Discount

Offer special pricing to bulk buyers. Someone is looking to buy 10 nos, you can redefine pricing for bulk quantities.

Special Discount

Offer special discount on each product and get your slow moving inventory moving to free up your cash & attract buyers.

Advanced Product Filters

Let your customers filter with any product specification like size, color, style, size, fabric, pattern etc. to find that perfect products.

Add to Wishlist

Allows your customer to create a list of products which they can buy at anytime later. They can use this list afterwards to place the order.

Manage Brands

Add and manage all brand in which you deal. Assign associate brand to a particular product and allow your visitors to show by brand.

Add Unlimited Images

Add many images you like for each product to show complete details of product. Also, get mouse hover zoom, So, your customers get detail of product.

Price for each Option

Set different price for different options for a single product. When your customer chooses size XXL for a product, the price of the product will change instantly.

Add Product Variants

Add end number of attributes for your product like size, color, shape, weight, specifications, manufactures and other details easily on every product.

Multi-Level Category

Easily create category hierarchy. Add multiple categories easily and let your customer navigate quickly with multiple category & sub-categories.

Bulk Import/Export

You can add products in bulk or individually. You can also add products via our excel sheet, in which you just need to enter details & upload it.

Compare Products

Let your customers compare similar products side by side, based on various specification so they can choose the best for electronics and more.

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