Professional Ecommerce Features

Engage your customers with professional ecommerce features available with to boost your ecommerce sales uptp 300%.


Use your own URL for your store like, while hosts & maintains your site behind the screen. This gives a unique online presence for your brand or company. Open your store on subdomain and move anytime on your own domain without any hassles.


Alert customers about all important activity on the store! Automated email notifications sent upon confirmation of order to order dispatched or a cancelled order. Just switch on automated email on your online store. You also have option to switch off automated email.


SMS Norification is a revolutionary & must have feature nowadays for any ecommerce business looking to be successful. Automated SMS notifications sent upon confirmation of order, order shipped or cancelled. You can even switch on or off automated SMS on your online store.


Make your online store a social sharing hub. With inbuilt social sharing options facebook, twitter, linkedin, pintrest & all major social networks. This makes your products alive on any social platform & allows your customers & visitors to share your products & offers easily, instantly & socially.


Looking to create a custom page or have an interesting back-story about how you have started your brand? So, here you can create end number of static pages, like About Us, Contact Us, terms or conditions or your policies, this let your customers better connect with your brand.


Your dashboard gives you an instant and detailed statics of how your brand is performing online, like top bestselling products, top customers, most viewed products, latest orders, sales graph & figures, you can even customize your dashboard, after all its your brand!


Like other big ecommerce platform we have a advance product filtering system. Which helps your customers find exactly what they are looking for? Let your customer quickly search for the product they need. Or let them sort products by price, discount, product category & many more.


Do you have variations in your products like color, size, length etc. or looking to allow your buyer to upload files or select a delivery date. Then this is something your business need. give you option to create variations for a single product without copying product, unlike other platforms.

DYNAMIC BRAND LIST ecommerce platform automatically creates a dynamic brand list or shop-by-brand page without putting any efforts. you just need to specify a brand while adding a product. This gives your visitors to easily find the brand which they are looking for. You can add unlimited brands lists.


Have something to sell in a electronic or in a downloadable format like music, videos, ebooks or software. Then this is the right feature for your business. offers a complete & advance digital commerce platform, which allows you to sell anything which is legally allowed to sell online.


You can now download your entire product data in fraction of second in a editable excel format, which allows you to easily edit your product data and once you are done with the editing. Simply select the file and re-import the same. Using this you can add new product & even edit the existing ones.


This is a revolutionary and most effective feature for any successful ecommerce store. Used by leading ecommerce giants. This allows your visitors to quickly check the delivery possibilities on his/her pin code. This is also effective to reduce abandoned carts and unnecessary order cancels.


Are you looking to accept prepaid orders from a bunch of locations only. In many cases you will not be able to ship the order to a particular location as your logistic provided does not offers. In that case you can restrict those pin codes by uploading a pin code list in bulk using a excel sheet.


Are you looking to accept cash on delivery orders from a list of locations only. In many cases you will not be able to handle the cash from few location as your logistic provided does not offers the same. In that case you can restrict those pin codes by uploading a pin code list in bulk using a excel sheet.


Plans to run a promotional or holiday campaign? Easily create discount coupons and codes right from your dashboard with the efficient discount coupon functionality. Create single or multiple discount coupons, restrict discount coupons based on category, amount, products or customer groups.


Looking to charge fixed amount as handling fee on every order? Then, this is what you need. Using Handling fee feature you can charge a fix fee on every order. This becomes extremely useful when you deal with bulky or volumetric products. So, sell volumetric products online and stay in profit


Don't want to receive low value orders without any fee? Yes, here is the feature which gives you the power to charge a fix amount when a order will less than specified amount. Suppose you are having product with price tag of Rs.50 then you can set a low order fee of Rs. 5. So, customer will pay Rs. 55


Looking to charge fixed amount on any order types. So, here you can set a Fixed Payment Charge. The specified amount (as configured) will added as payment charge on customers cart automatically if they selects configured payment option instantly. Used by various ecommerce giants.


Create loyal customers by allowing them to earn reward points on every purchase, and allow them to redeem those points for discounts on their next purchase. This increases brand value, customer retention & trust. So, why not keep customers coming back to store, they wish to shop online!


Gift vouchers can be individually sent to customers through their email by other customers in the store front. The customer receiving the gift certificate can use the code provided in the email at the shopping cart to deduct the gift voucher amount from the order total. Allow your customers to gift!.


The Taxes section allows you to create the taxes that will be applied to specific products in the store. Determines whether the number value in Tax Rate is a fixed amount or a percentage of the total amount of an order. Selecting a Zone will apply the tax to the regions and countries within a Zone.


Customer Orders will be automatically updated to the Order section after a customer confirms checkout. Though it is automatically updated, you may want to edit or add orders manually to add new information such as a gift-voucher, or add reward points. Also, you can add new orders, while you are on call.


The Return section, lets you manage merchandise returns. You must manually enter the product and return information to create a new return. Customer can request a return from the store-front just by submitting a form and in the backend you can approve or reject. This allows you to track episodes of return.


You should know your customers are and how to manage them. In the dashboard, customer information will need to be stored efficiently to remember any transactions made with their account. Manage customers, create Customers, Customer Groups, and even backlist their IP if needed.


Product reviews can be both submitted and viewed by customers on the product page. A customer can fill out a review form and submit it to be approved for publication on the store-front. You always have power to add new reviews, reject or approve submitted reviews or edit the product reviews anytime.


The Newsletter builder lets you send emails to specific customer groups. You can use this feature to send newsletters, information on specials, or to communicate any type of information to your customers. Email marketing is the cheapest way of marketing & its all integrated.


Blazing fast, secured hosting service with power of cloud computing. Our cloud hosting guarantee that your store will be online 99.9% of the time. All Cloud VPS instances are safeguarded by an enterprise grade Storage Area Network (SAN) that provides data integrity in multiple ways.


If you haven't done so already, you should take some time to browse the store-front. To become familiar with layouts available, you should visit the different page types of your store-front. It's good to see how these layouts arranged, placing a app will affect the overall look of page.


Managing the in's and out's of the dashboard side of your online store can be quite the task for just one person to handle. You may find it essantial to assign different permissions to specific people on your team. The User section lets you customize which users can access what ?.


The currency sections lets you select which currencies are available for use in store-front. The default currency will display all the product prices in that currency. The currency preference can be changed by the customer in the header section of any page in the store-front.


Enter the length by width by height of the product if there are dimensions to include. This helps you messure the product dimensions and keep records of the same. This can be essential for many business having volumetric or tiny product. which requires detailed informations of product.


Similar to the stock status, when an order is confirmed by the customer they will need to see an order status. The order status can be accessed from their account page in the store-front to know the current status. After the order status names are created, they can be assigned to Orders.


The must have feature for your store!. Restrict viewing your store-front to visitor while you are updating your design or running a scheduled mantainance. However, store owner or user while logged in dashboard will see the store-front as usual so, they can make changes to the store-front.


Enable or disable SEO URL functionality for information, category, manufacturer and product pages anytime. SEO is essential to drive organic traffic from search engines to your store-front, as it drives free traffic and keeps your store on the top of the search engine rankings.


Just enter the code provided from your google analytics account and connect your google analytics account with your powered online store. With integrated Google Analytics and e-Commerce Tracking, you can easily evaluate and analyse your online store's performance.


Let your customers quickly find what they are looking for. Classify your products into product categories, brands, attributes, variations and sub-categories, your customer will find the products they need faster and more efficiently. Result in higher conversion & more sales.


Grab customer attension by creating your own in-store display window. Select your latest, best-selling, features, related or discounted products and place any content anywhere. Simply you can place any banner or application anywhere on the store front in just few clicks.


Most advance and configurable checkout process. Single page checkout gives you the options to customise every option, what your customer see while checkout. Responsive checkout page allows your customers to order directly from their mobile device as-well.


Unless you operate a world-renowned ecommerce site, it’s likely that a large proportion of your customers will be new to your brand. However it’s more likely that they will be familiar with Facebook and will have come across a Facebook login on a third-party site before.


As more online services adopt Google+, this will boost awareness and use of Google+ further. For retailers, there is also an added opportunity to encourage recommendations & particularly. Easier for the user - no password reg. they can login using their google account.


Since consumers can’t physically handle the products you’re selling before placing an order on your website, you need to do as much as you can to recreate and improve experience. Tiny product images don’t effectively do this. allow users to roll over image to zoom

SSL SUPPORT supports SSL (also known as Secure Certificates) certificate as well, this allow you to build customer trust while ensuring your site has complete eCommerce Security. Online security a major concern? Rest assured. All online transactions are generally SSL secure.


Don't want to show some products on the store-front or want to discontinue selling a particular product. Don't delete it. Better temporarily disable that products from being visible store-front. This helps you keep track of out-of-stock or inactive products in your stock.


Either provide large images or allow your users to click on an image to enlage image. You want users to be able to view the image as large as is practical on an average monitor. This means an image that enlarges to 1024×768 pixels is a good size to aim for.


Why force customers to create accounts on your store? Many customers just don’t understand why they need an account to buy a product. As studies says & clearly exposed: “I don’t need to sign up for anything when I’m buying a perfume in a regular [brick and mortar] store.”


If your eCommerce system has no method of tracking inventory, it can be very difficult to manage the entire ecommerce business. If you have ever worked for retail or worked in any business that uses or sells products, then you know the importance of maintaining inventory.


All your orders are organized and tabled view of all orders - received, dispatched, delivered and incomplete. Also, quickly change order status with just a single click, add new order instantly. View details like customer, shipping, payment, history, IP or location all comes with just a single click.


Color your world in your own way! Add your branding to your online store too. Include your brand's logo in the header or add end number of banner anywhere on the storefront. Provide all additional content related to your store; from blog link to contact details, through unlimited number of static pages.


Its finger-licking! Make your online store more Google friendly by uploading your google webmaster verification file. So that you can verify your web property to google and rank high on google search engine. Google webmaster is a web property tool which allows you to see statics, submit your sitemap and so on.


Sitemap is kind of index or directory of all your website pages and data which can be read by search engines like google or bing and make more SEO friendly by a automatic sitemap generation engine, which creates a sitemap.xml file. So that your new products and site changes show up quickly on search engine.


Don't let logistics burn a black hole in your pockets! Save on your product delivery costs with's 2SHIP logistics support, brought to you at specially subsidized rates, FREE Pickup service from your doorstep with no minimum commitments. Start accepting & shipping orders from day one.


Never worry missing out on a new feature or a platform upgrade. Because all future upgrades and online store features shall be made available to you, at no additional cost. Enjoy free lifetime updates with all plan. Once, we will release any new feature, it will be on your dashboard without any efforts.


Looking to create a private network ecommerce store? So, here what you exactly need. Using this you can restrict your visitor to see the pricing straightly for all your product. Customer will need to register with you or login using their account to view the pricing or buy anything on your online store.

GENERATE INVOICE is a complete ecommerce platform which even allows you to generate or print the invoice, straight from the order module itself. Also find the option to save it as a document. This is essential for taxation or to send invoice to your customers as they need to claim warranties and any claim.

AFFILIATE PROGRAM gives you the opportunity to set up an affiliate program to promote additional traffic to your shop. Affiliates will receive a commission for each time they direct traffic or sales to your site. The commission % can be adjusted in the dashboard. This will be your own marketing channel.


Create the most seamless shopping experience for your customer! Let customers directly add their choice of products to cart right from the homepage, brands page or category page. Customer can checkout to place the order for all the selected products at once in a single click.

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