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eCommerce Website Design

The year 2017 has seen a vast range of eCommerce design trends, and it can be said that the same will be continued for the year 2018 also!
It is the era of a digital and tech-savvy world, and so the website development works wonders for flourishing your brand with great success. There are numerous trends which hit the market related to website designing and development every year.
The web has turned to be a quite awe-inspiring platform for taking your business to the next level. With each passing day, there are various kinds of trends which come up in the market regarding the web design and development.
It is the field of eCommerce segment which will see the rapid increase in website designing trends to a lot of extent in the year 2018. Designers and developers opt to think out of the box regarding the best in class web design and development trends that help the eCommerce businesses to flourish rapidly.
In today’s date, everyone desires to have the same feel in using the internet on any device, be it the trendy laptop or the stylish smartphones. The giant companies like the Google, Amazon, Apple has the major focus on the designing to give the class apart user experience.
With each passing day, there had been a vast array of changes that takes place in the eCommerce design trends which helps the people who love the online shopping to the core. The significant change is being seen in the website designing itself. Even the website view is changing at a rapid pace and turning the responsive mobile view which helps the smartphone users feel over the moon.
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The year 2016 has also seen the material design and the responsive design to the core for eCommerce websites. It is the whole community of designers who keep their eyes glued to the latest and recent eCommerce website design trends. It is quite demanding for the designers to make a forecast regarding the eCommerce design trends for the year.

The web design trends soon get outdated once they have hit the market because the new ones take their place soon.

Check out the best eCommerce web design trends

In the earlier days of website designing, the eCommerce website design was just developed by keeping just desktop in mind. As the time changes, the eCommerce website design also saw the significant alteration and has turned quite mobile responsive and adaptive for the smaller screen devices.
Day by day the customer-base is increasing who opt for making the online purchases through the mobile handsets itself. This led to the designers for bringing the huge change in the mobile responsive design format first, and this gives the smartphone users the perfect user experience in various ways.
There are different factors to be considered regarding the mobile responsive design such as the larger images, buttons and the icons, the complete hidden and the bar menus, making use of the entire width of the screen. There will be large eCommerce website design trends to watch out.
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1) The semi-flat design will be progressing

ecommerce website design
The flat designs have also been the major trend in the year 2016 and will continue to grow even in the year. With some of the minor change, it can be said that this flat design will be getting converted to the semi-flat design as such.
Semi-flat designs are more engrossing than the flat design as such and look quite attractive and impressive to the core which also gives the best in class user experience for the smartphone users around the globe. This particular web design trend also involves the simplicity, style, the function-rich design pattern too.

2) Multifarious images on the eCommerce website

Images turn out to be the attention-grabber for the people who give a visit to the eCommerce websites for quality-oriented user experience. As per the current research, it can be said that many individuals believe that visually impressive images are the primary source of increasing the purchases through the eCommerce platform.
In the year, many of the customers will desire to see the lovely pictures before they opt for making the purchases. Well, it is true that the content plays an important role but then much of the content on a website will distract your customers thoroughly, and this will also make them move towards to your competitor’s site which is having various images.
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3) Material design will also be the new trend

It was in the year 2014 that material design technology had introduced and ever since then it is going on increasing at a rapid pace. In today’s changing world of web, many of the online web stores are looking forward to growing their brand identity through the best eCommerce web design trend and web development trends.
Various eCommerce online stores are adapting to this new technology at a rapid pace. Many of the material design aspects involve the card-like layouts, responsive animations, the transitions and much more. This material design trend is increasing to a lot of extent in this date and will also grow in the year.
It will be also essential in many ways for the eCommerce websites which will help them grow their customer-base and get higher revenues.
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4) Long scrolling and loading time

In the eCommerce website design trends, it is the long page scroll designs will be flourishing at a rapid pace. The internet users for sure gets diverted through just clicking the next page, moreover when you just keep browsing through the luxe mobile devices.
On a different side, this also takes quite right time for loading. It is at this time when it makes good sense for adding the class products to the already created page and then load the new page from the loading of a page or also from the performance feature of the eCommerce of the website. So it can be said that in the year, you will also be enjoying more and more products on the eCommerce site just in a single page view itself.
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5) Quality-oriented animations and the cinematography

The class images on the website will also play the major role in the eCommerce web design trend for the year 2017 which you must consider for your eCommerce online store to generate good sales leads. The impressive and attractive animations, the GIFs and also the cinematography will be attracting the user to the core.
So, to provide better user experience, you must adapt to the technology like the animations and the cinematography too. These both is shown at the top in the headers section for the motion of graphic demos, for 360 views of the products, regarding the background images, for the home page banners, product pictures and also much more. So the cinematography will be the major trend in the year 2017 in a case of the eCommerce web design trend.
The cinematography is nothing but a real kind of picture, a kind of photograph to which a small, repeating animation will get added as such. The major effect will be the kind of mini-video experience more of a fine-drawn than just through the animations, and it looks quite impressive to the core. This particular cinematography will also be appearing on the background images, the category headers, the home page banners and also the pictures of products too.

6) Hamburger Menu

Even the Hamburger menus will be the growing trend in the field of eCommerce website design trends as such. There are various eCommerce online sites which make the use of Hamburger menus too. One of the leading frameworks being the Bootstrap is highly favoured by the designers around the globe.
Sites which are being created through the use of this trending structure follows the Bootstrap Nav 3 also has the hamburgers menus on the right. The designers are adapting this pattern. It will be in the year that there might come a small change if the placing of this menu is concerned on the website.
Google and other leading websites have also started to place the hamburger menu at the left side on their websites. Thie particular change has also been made so that it comes to the notice of a user at very first.

7) Hand-drawn Creative Components

Even the hand drawn elements will be playing the major trend in the eCoomerce web design segment. The impressive and attractive stock images and the eye-catchy graphics will be the first choice of designers around the world.
There will be various aspects which will grab the attention of designers such as the icons, logos, the banner making and many more factors are concerned. Adding the hand drawn components on the websites also attracts the users.
It creates real influence on your customers and thereby increases your revenue too. Your clients will not be able to forget your brand at all.
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8) Typography Trends

This trend had turned out a huge hit in the year 2015 and 2016 also and the year will also see the significant trend of typography regarding the eCommerce web design segment. It runs smoothly on all the devices, right from mobile devices to the larger screen monitor desktops.
The more important kind of typefaces send the stronger message for your customers and have an incredible influence on various features of the website that involves the readability, mood and also the user experience, etc. As we can see, there are growing number of customers who prefer the eCommerce experience online for making the purchase through the mobile handset itself, and then they must also ensure that your website must include good typography feature which is plain-sailing in the distinct segment.
This will not just help you to create a unique brand identity, but then it will also attract your prospective customers for your amazing products.

9) Making use of the bright colour’s

The best eCommerce web design trend which will be followed in the year by the designers around the world. Web sites must also be centred on the audience graphics as such. They can make real scrutiny regarding specific age group of people which are frequent visitors to the website and take advantage of the colour which matches perfectly with the audience preferences.
So it can be said that the bright colours usage on the site will be the major trend as it grabs the eyeballs of the Internet users instantly. And also the eCommerce websites are adapting highly on the screen sizes of the type of device. Now, these websites can also adjust wonderfully to the particular set of users, changing the layout according to the age and the visual acuity also.

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, it can be concluded that the website design trend is changing rapidly with new technology coming along the way very soon regarding the eCommerce web design trend. It will be very early to mention that the internet design trends will fade off or which ones will get famous instantly and which will continue to grow even in the upcoming years.
Even the websites which bring the best design trend cannot conclude if their design will be a success or not. But after Ana, lying the design patterns which had been a huge success, it can be said that which of the trends will be hit shortly.
Well, if there is any web design trend which comes to your mind then you are welcome to share using the comments form below.
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    I think having ‘trends’ aren’t so bad especially when customers actually do look at the site’s appearance and all that before deciding if they want to stay on the site to browse around (and to even buy anything)! This post is informative and very well written. Thanks for sharing!


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