Tips to Capture High Quality Product Photos using your Smartphone

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capture product photos using smartphone

In today’s modern era, due to incredible advancement in technology, taking photographs have become very feasible through a Smartphone device. It is one of the cost effective method and quite a clear solution for doing amazing product photography as today’s phones are sophisticated enough to produce crystal clear and mesmerising images.
Unique photos can be taken and they can be edited before uploading them to an online store. The sales of any business hugely depend on upon the quality of images that are placed on the online store. A high-quality picture can surely help to surge the sales. Make sure to follow steps mentioned below to capture product photos using smartphone.
The first and foremost step for getting those amazing photos through your Smartphone is to know your device thoroughly inside out. Learn fully about your internal camera along with its features. Today smartphones are equipped with several manual settings, for instance, white balance, exposure controls etc. Take time to understand how to use each of the tools to enhance the quality of your images.

Understand the basics to capture product photos using smartphone

Understanding the basics of the product photography is extremely important for giving and end result. Keep in mind the following points to capture product photos using smartphone:

  • BACKDROP: Create a well-lit space that you should photograph your product against a white or neutral colored background to give them a clear and a consistent look.
  • USE A REFLECTIVE SURFACE: For using a reflective surface, you can find any household object for your product which you intend to photograph.
  • AVOID ZOOMING: Zooming on your phone reduces the quality of your picture because it highly enlarges your photo without changing the resolution of it. If you need to zoom it, try using phone lenses. By this, digital zooming can be avoided and it can give your phone lens the angle it needs.
  • USE PHOTO EDITING TECHNIQUES: Many photo editing techniques can be used to enhance your images like sharp, filter, brightness, crop etc.
  • BRIGHTNESS: Brightening can have a significant impact on your photograph, so while adjusting the brightness of your photo try to remain within the scale of natural and attractive light.
  • SHARPEN: The sharpen feature can be used to give a razor sharp image so that the edges can stand out.
  • FILTERS: Filters are a great way to achieve the desired effect and since all of them are preset, you can easily apply them to your images to make them appear on your site just as they are in real life.

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