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5 Marketplaces to Sell Handicrafts Online In India

Do you wish to sell handicrafts online in India but don’t know where to get started? Here is a complete list of marketplaces where your can sell your handicrafts online.

Indian eCommerce is growing to be a billion dollar business by the end of 2016. So, what are your waiting for, Its time to take advantage of this opportunity and sell handicrafts online in India. Indian handicrafts not only popular in India, its also have huge demand in all major countries. Indian handicraft is a labour intensive industry as most of the product are hand crafted till perfection, which is widely spread in rural as well as urban area.

The handicrafts of India are diverse, rich in history and religion. The craft of each state in India reflect the influence of different empires. Throughout centuries, crafts have been embedded as a culture and tradition within rural communities. The handicrafts of India have been valued throughout time; their existence today proves the efforts put into their preservation.

Selling handicrafts online a challenging business. Especially, with the influence of cheap Chinese products, Indian handicrafts industry is very much effected. Still, there is a cluster of buyers or collectors, who still keeps the demands for handmade handicraft products. Therefore, reaching the correct audience is important. As, your physical store doesn’t have reach over the large number of buyer, sell handicrafts online is a great option.

Here we bring you the top 5 marketplaces to sell handicrafts online in India


cv is a marketplace to “Discover Unique Indian Products” including Handmade, Vintage, Ethnic, Organic and Natural products from India.


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FleAffair was born after a couple of friends hailing from Delhi decided to break the ice by launching first online flea market. Little did they know that the concept that clicked after realizing the absence of creative and inimitable products on internet, would nurture. With the commitment, soon the ideation became a platform to serve the creators and the creativity lovers.

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shimply is now one of India’s largest and fastest-growing multi-category marketplace with a focus on regional/local products, offering the twin benefits of unmatched selection of products and value for money. With our customer centric approach, we provide the best online shopping experience to our customers starting from the great selection, low price, fast delivery, simple interface, and ending with the best customer service you have ever experienced.

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The India Craft House was born from an ardent desire amongst its founders to create a larger canvas than what exists today, for allt he beautiful and unparalleled creativity that the simple artisans of India have been quietly perfecting for centuries.

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Every handcrafted product is special as it holds beauty and elegance in itself that is rare. We are making our best efforts to bring craft close to the people who admire them. “Shilp Mantra” provides a platform to the artisans where they can easily reach their admirers and sell their products directly

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