10 Cost Effective Ways to Promote Your Website Offline

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10 Cost Effective Ways to Promote Your Website Offline

The sole aim of any website is to make its presence felt far and wide. In order to promote your brand, it is extremely important that you promote your website. With companies spending all their money on the domain name, web hosting, internet marketing etc, promoting the website offline is certainly the best way to get the most from it, generate more business and get an edge on your competitors. Here are 10 offline promotion tips:
1) GIVEAWAYS: Giveaways are constant reminders of company’s products and services. A lot of promotional giveaways can be used like pens, key rings etc which will certainly help you attain what you want.
2) COMPANY’S VEHICLES: The address of your website can be added to any part of your vehicle with a sticker. This will expose your URL to thousands of people who are habitually driving to work, going to shops etc.
3) BUSINESS CARDS: Business cards are still effective. Leave your business card wherever you go. It will let them know about your business which you’re running online.
4) WORD OF MOUTH: An exceptional product or a service must be created in order to get a positive word of mouth because if a person likes what you do then he will certainly tell five other persons.
5) EVENT SPONSORSHIP: Sponsor a local event, festival, school event etc which promotes your website by distributing giveaways.
6) HOLD CONFERENCES: Hold business conferences and conventions which are relevant to your business. Be social and give an ample number of the business card to the people whom you meet.
7) FLYERS: A bunch of business flyers can be printed and posted all over the town at a reasonable price. You can either get it printed online or from a local printer.
8) NEWSPAPERS: Newspapers can be effectively used for offline advertising. In past, it was the most expensive way to promote your business but now with the online competition growing faster than ever; newspapers have lowered the ad rates.
9) VOICEMAIL GREETING: You can include your website URL in the outgoing message of your voicemail system.
10) NETWORKING: Networking is a very crucial part of the marketing mix for all the businesses – it develops productive relationships with important people. It is profitable to improve awareness, visibility and helps in building your brand image.
CONCLUSION: Offline engagement with the customers is of a distinctive value which shouldn’t be forgotten. There are many people who spend tons of money on online advertising but often forget the fat fish which is an offline promotion. If you want to give your business a marketing boost, you should start looking outside the box and make use of offline marketing tactics.

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